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Pavers or Stone? Choosing the Right Material for Your Chappaqua and Rye, NY, Area Landscape Design

Pavers or Stone? Choosing the Right Material for Your Rye and Chappaqua, NY, Area Landscape Design

Choosing the materials for your Chappaqua and Rye, NY, area landscape design can feel daunting at first, but you will have the support of your landscaping team the entire time. Generally, you want to make the right choice that will age well and look lovely for many years. Should you select pavers or natural stone for your outdoor living spaces? These ideas will help you decide.

Benefits of Natural Stone vs. Pavers

While each material has clear benefits, you might prefer one over the other for one reason or another. Or you could be undecided and need some convincing. Here are some of the main

advantages of both natural stone and pavers.

Natural stone: Natural stone is versatile in appearance and allows you to create a unique outdoor living space that is tailored to your style. Natural stone tends to come in grays, blues, tans, and other earth-tone colors to let you connect your outdoor space with the rest of its natural surroundings. You can use the stone in its natural state and shape or it can be cut into geometric sizes.

Pavers: Pavers also offer versatility yet tend to be considered a more durable option for outdoor living spaces. They are manufactured to remain color-fast and withstand the freeze/thaw cycles of Chappaqua and Rye, NY, winters. Since pavers are manufactured, they come in various colors, textures, and shapes to allow for a mix-and-match design. You can use them to be intentional about your outdoor space floor surfaces.

Choosing the Right Material

In truth, choosing either natural stone or pavers is typically considered a superior choice over traditional poured concrete. It usually depends on your style preferences and whether you want the patio to be complementary to other features in your landscape.

If you have the look of natural stone on your home foundation, you may want pavers that closely resemble that stone, for a complementary effect. Or you may want to have your patio stand out with a different texture and aesthetic surface.

Whatever you choose, you can take comfort in the fact that pretty much any outdoor space will look lovely with a paver floor and a natural, stacked stone retaining wall. This can give you the best of both worlds.

How to Use Stone and Pavers

You may want to use natural stone for a patio floor because you love the blue tones of a particular stone. You may also want to use the natural stone for a retaining wall that divides the patio from another outdoor living area such as the seating area in front of an outdoor fireplace or outdoor dining area. You could continue the stone for the floor surface or choose a paver that incorporates a design or geometric pattern to be repeated throughout the spaces. In this way, you can tie the outdoor spaces together even though each one has a unique purpose.

No matter the vision you have for your outdoor living, your skilled landscape professionals can guide your materials selections to achieve that final, satisfactory look.


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