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Sit & Admire Your Landscaping by Installing an Irrigation System for Your Lawn Care Needs in Rye, NY

Sit & Admire Your Landscaping by Installing an Irrigation System for Your Lawn Care Needs in Rye, NY

One of the ways to achieve stunning landscaping in Rye, NY—the kind of yard that becomes the envy of the neighborhood—is to ensure that your lawn receives the proper amount of water through an irrigation system. Weather can be unpredictable, but having an irrigation system can ensure your lawn care needs are met, to keep your landscaping beautiful throughout the year.

Customized Irrigation

One of the key benefits of an irrigation system is that it can be customized to the particular needs of your lawn. Every landscape is different and has areas that get more sunlight or shade than others. This is important when setting up an effective irrigation system for your landscape because areas that are shaded can get waterlogged and areas that get full sunlight can dry out in the sun, if the balance of water output is off.

By hiring a landscaping company to create your irrigation system, they will be able to assess your lawn and flower beds to determine the best watering plan.

Irrigation System Benefits

  • Protection from drought is a key benefit to having an irrigation system. During times of the year when there may not be a lot of rain, an irrigation system can be critical to keeping your lawn and plantings from drying out and potentially dying.

  • Catering to the seasons will allow your irrigation system to work differently throughout the year based on the weather and the needs of your landscape. Requiring less water, your springtime irrigation may involve helping your lawn recover from the winter and your plantings coming out of being dormant. The summer irrigation schedule can be helpful to keep your landscape healthy in warmer weather by watering in the early mornings and each zone having its own watering plan based on the amount of sunshine it receives. Fall wintering may be more abundant to prepare for winter and this can also be an ideal time for lawn aeration, which your watering plan will help with. By allowing your lawn to absorb the proper amount of water and nutrients, you will have a healthy lawn going into the winter season.

  • Minimal water waste is also an important aspect of having a professional irrigation system installed. If you have been manually watering your lawn with a hose or traditional sprinkler system, you are likely wasting a significant amount of water. With an irrigation system there are sensors that allow the system to recognize how much water is in the ground and to deliver the exact amount of water that is needed for your landscape.

  • Less worry for you as a homeowner can make an irrigation system worthwhile. Instead of stressing over how often to water and how much water your lawn needs in each area, you can be rest assured that your irrigation system will take care of it all for you.


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