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Landscaping Features That Are Fitting Choices Alongside Backyard Pools in the Rye, NY Area

Landscaping Features That Are Fitting Choices Alongside Backyard Pools in the Rye, NY Area

The addition of a backyard pool in your Rye, NY area landscape will expand the amount of time you spend outdoors, and it can be made even more fun with certain landscape features alongside your pool. Here are five landscaping features that will provide years of enjoyment in your outdoor space.

Feature #1: Pergola

When you are spending the day outside swimming or floating around the pool, you will likely want to escape the sunshine and heat. This covered area can be the ideal location for seating such as comfortable lounge chairs or an outdoor sofa. It will create a relaxing space to enjoy the shade and a cool beverage.

You can also consider placing a dining table under your pergola to have a meal outside after swimming or put our fruit and snacks for the kids during the day.

Feature #2: Outdoor Kitchen

If your guests are spending the day out by the pool, they are likely going to get hungry at some point. An outdoor kitchen can be a functional, yet fun feature to have alongside your backyard pool. With an outdoor kitchen nearby, you can keep the conversation going with your guests while cooking pizzas in your pizza oven or grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. The design features that you choose for your outdoor kitchen can create a statement-making addition to your outdoor living space.

Feature #3: Fire Pit

After a long day of swimming, a fire pit can be a welcome feature in the cooler evenings. When the sun begins to set, you may not be ready to retreat back inside and the warmth that is provided by a fire pit will allow you to extend your time outdoors. You and your guests can cozy up poolside with warm blankets and enjoy conversation into the later evening hours.

Feature #4: Outdoor Lighting

It is likely that at some point you will want to enjoy your pool after the sun goes down. The addition of outdoor lighting throughout the area can help keep the poolside space illuminated into the later hours of the day. Your landscape contractor can install lighting throughout the surrounding garden and flower bed spaces. If you have a retaining wall in your outdoor space, you can have lighting placed facing upwards to the wall in order to not only provide additional lighting, but give an aesthetic appeal to the area.

Proper lighting can create a welcoming ambiance to the poolside space in your backyard allowing you and your guests to enjoy it at any time of day.

Feature #5: Paver Patio

With all the focus on the pool itself and all the fun that it offers, you may not have given much thought to the pool deck, but this is actually where you will likely spend the majority of your time—resting after a swim, lounging with a cool beverage in hand, or keeping an eye on the younger people in your life. A paver patio can offer a barefoot-friendly surface along with a durable foundation made to last a lifetime. Such pavers are available in a wide range of different shapes, styles, and colors that can be chosen to complement the rest of your landscape design.


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