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Efficient Irrigation Services by Gomes

Having a lush, vibrant lawn or garden is often what we dream of when imagining our perfect home. Yet, achieving that dream can feel like an uphill battle for many homeowners, especially those battling less-than-ideal soil. But here's a little secret: the right irrigation system can completely transform your outdoor spaces from lackluster to flourishing, even when the soil underfoot seems less than cooperative. With the ideal setup for your lawn needs, your garden can survive and THRIVE, shining brightly despite the challenges posed by local soil or climate conditions.

Contact the Gomes Lawn and Masonry Inc. team for more information on our irrigation services in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Your dream lawn is right around the corner.

Healthy and Hydrated

Your lawn needs adequate water to survive, and our specially designed irrigation systems and sprinklers are the answer for a lush, sustainable, and easy-to-manage lawn and landscape. Choose from 360-degree automated lawn sprinklers or a drip irrigation system that provides water directly to the root system.

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Irrigation in Briarcliff Manor, NY

Irrigation System Winterization

In the fall, we’ll winterize your irrigation system to prevent frozen pipes and lawn sprinklers. Our certified technicians will shut off the water supply to ease the water pressure, open the outside pipes and valves, and run extraneous water out of the system. In the spring, we can prepare your irrigation system for the growing season so you can have the lush lawn and landscape you look forward to each year.

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Irrigation System Repair & Maintenance

Ensure your irrigation system works effectively with periodic inspections. We’ll look for broken or clogged sprinkler heads and pipes, leaks, defective parts, and water pressure concerns. And our expert technicians will troubleshoot and repair any issues that arise with your irrigation.

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Irrigation System Installation

We’ll strategically install state-of-the-art irrigation equipment with a customized approach to ensure your landscape is properly hydrated. With defined zones throughout your property, your lawn, trees, planting beds, and fine garden areas will receive the moisture they need to grow and thrive.

Our smart irrigation systems use sensors in the soil to indicate when moisture levels are low and then automatically run when needed. It’s energy-efficient and doesn’t waste water.

The Many Reasons to Consider an Irrigation Installation

Need a healthy and hydrated lawn? Looking for simplicity in your busy daily schedule? An irrigation system can have plenty of benefits, so much so that New Yorkers constantly look to irrigation systems to bring ease to their day to day. So, what can you get from an irrigation system? We'll outline the benefits below:

Saves Time and Money Imagine having more time to actually enjoy your garden or lawn rather than constantly tending to it. An irrigation system is an investment in your property and your own peace of mind. By ensuring water is delivered precisely where and when it's needed, these systems drastically cut down on waste, potentially lowering your water bills over time. They also liberate you from the time-consuming task of manual watering, turning garden and landscape maintenance from a chore into a choice. Adds Value to Your Home A well-maintained, irrigated lawn or garden does more than just please the eye; it acts as a significant boost to your property's market value. Properties equipped with automatic irrigation systems are often seen as more desirable, commanding higher prices when it comes time to sell. It's a smart move for any homeowner thinking about the long-term prospects of their investment. Reduces Weeds, Fungi, Etc One of the clever aspects of targeted watering through an irrigation system is that it waters plants, not weeds. By avoiding unnecessary watering of the spaces between plants, you're less likely to see weed growth. Furthermore, this selective approach helps prevent the conditions that fungal diseases love — overly damp environments resulting from overwatering. Preserve the Nutrients in Your Soil Too much of a good thing can be bad, especially when it comes to watering your garden. Overwatering doesn't just waste water; it can also wash away the essential nutrients your plants need to flourish. An efficient irrigation system keeps moisture levels balanced, keeping your soil nutrient-rich and your plants healthy and robust.

What Problems Can Occur to Irrigation Systems?

Like anything worth having, irrigation systems require a bit of upkeep. Common issues such as leaks, clogged sprinkler heads, or uneven coverage can arise, leading to dry patches or overly saturated areas in your garden. Regular maintenance checks are your best defense, helping to spot and rectify these problems promptly, ensuring your system continues to function efficiently.

Are Irrigation Systems Water-Efficient?

In a word, yes. Modern irrigation systems are designed with the environment in mind, incorporating features like drip irrigation, smart controllers, and rain sensors. These innovations make it simpler to manage your garden's watering needs responsibly, guaranteeing that your plants get the hydration they need without wasting precious resources.

Where We Offer Our Irrigation Services

Has your front or backyard in New York been looking a little dry? If so, you can take advantage of our irrigation services! We proudly serve clients in New York and Connecticut, delivering efficient irrigation services along with our landscape design expertise. Contact us today if you're in the following regions:

  • Chappaqua

  • Purchase

  • Irvington

  • Briarcliff Manor

  • Millwood

  • And more

The Irrigation Services You Need Are One Call Away With Gomes Lawn and Masonry Inc.

When it's time to install, maintain, or troubleshoot your irrigation system, Gomes Lawn and Masonry Inc. has your back. With our expertise, your outdoor spaces will receive the attentive care they deserve efficiently and effectively. So, why wait? Another season doesn't have to pass with you battling against your lawn and garden. Get in touch today, and let our landscaping and masonry services remove the stress from maintaining a beautiful, thriving outdoor space.

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