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Prepare Your Landscape Design for the Summer in the Bedford and Briarcliff Manor, NY Areas

Prepare Your Landscape Design for the Summer in the Bedford and Briarcliff Manor, NY, Areas

As the warmer summer weather gets closer, do you look out on your Bedford and Briarcliff Manor, NY areas landscape and think it has lost its luster? The following landscape design ideas can take your property to new heights of beauty with a fresh look and enhanced functionality.

Explore the Possibilities

A professional landscape company turns stale-looking landscapes into noteworthy expanses. Because they know that it is easier to see something for yourself than to try to envision it, they could start your landscape refresh with a virtual design rendering. This can allow you to “see” your new landscape while the existing one is still in place.

After sitting down and discussing your vision for your new landscape, your landscape design team can create a realistic picture of the new outdoor space. In this way you can make changes to the landscape before any work has been done, saving you time and money while the new landscape of your dreams starts to take shape.

Consider Irrigation

When you invest in your landscape and want your lawn to stay lush and green all summer long, irrigation can be the key to a healthy landscape. Your landscape service can keep your existing sprinkler system in top working order or they can install a new one that takes advantage of the latest technology.

One of the benefits of having a structured watering system can be that you don’t have to worry about the timing or amount of water your landscape is getting. This is being done for you automatically at the ideal time of the early morning, for example, when the absorption is at its highest. The zones can be maximized to provide the right amount of water to the areas of the landscape that need so that plants with lower water needs aren’t overwatered and those in full sun are properly hydrated.

The latest irrigation systems can allow for adjusting the watering amount or schedule with the touch of a finger to an app, making it convenient and efficient.

Look for Expert Masonry

With so many masonry choices, having the expertise of a masonry contractor discuss the options can help you decide on the best project for your new landscape addition. You might want to add an enlarged patio to your backyard so that you can relax outside longer into the day as the evenings stay light longer. Masonry experts can help you make the tough choices of the right colored paver or natural stone to create a one-of-a-kind patio in the perfect size for your needs.

A soothing water feature in the patio plan could solidify this area as your go-to spot for morning coffee or an evening visit with friends. Imagine how delightful it will be to nestle into comfortable outdoor furniture on your hand-laid patio with the sensory experience of hearing flowing water nearby.

Remember Landscape Lighting

When you want to make the most of your summertime landscape, consider whether your current landscape lighting plan meets your needs. The right landscape lighting can transform your nighttime yard into a dreamy space. While lighting can make your outdoor space inviting and dramatic, it also can increase the safety with which you and your visitors can move about the darkened space.


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