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3 Paver Patio Ideas for Expansive Backyards in Armonk and Larchmont, NY Areas

3 Paver Patio Ideas for Expansive Backyards in Armonk and Larchmont, NY

When you have an expansive Armonk or Larchmont, NY, backyard, a small patio just won’t do. Consider one of these paver patio ideas to create a properly sized outdoor space that meets all your needs.

Why Choose Pavers for a Patio

Pavers can create the ideal surface for a backyard patio. With myriad color tones, sizes, and textural finishes available, patio pavers give you the opportunity to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Different styles or colors of patio pavers can be combined to add contrasting borders and laid in a pattern that designates a different function between outdoor spaces. When your landscapers help you decide which patio pavers will provide the look and function that you prefer, they can use the ideas you offer to design a patio space that complements every part of your home and landscape.

Quality patio pavers are manufactured to be durable, non-slip, and colorfast over time. They will not crack or peel under the hot summer sun nor will they break or shift in the freeze-thaw cycles of winter. Their beauty and color will last for years.

Patio Paver Ideas

Reflect the natural tones: Have you ever walked onto a patio and thought how perfectly it blended with the surrounding natural space? Your landscapers can achieve this merging of a patio with the natural colors of the landscape by helping you choose an earthen-tone paver.

Don’t mistake earthy tones for boring—in fact, their subtle variations of tan, brown, and green can make your patio appear to have depth and interest. By choosing a darker brown paver for a border, for example, you can achieve a more interesting design.

Another way to make an expansive patio fit your large yard can be to have a landscaper vary the elevation of features. For instance, have a fire pit added to a lower patio space that transitions with wide, deep steps. A privacy wall built just behind the fire pit space could allow for the addition of a TV so that you can relax by the fire and watch your favorite shows.

Clean and modern: When you love an urban, simple aesthetic, discuss with your landscaper which patio pavers would bring that look to your backyard space. By choosing visually oversized square pavers, the surface of the patio can feel proportional to the big backyard.

In a modern patio design, your landscaper can designate the use of each area with contrasting sizes and color pavers. By accenting your paver patio with large potted plants and trees, you can bring the colors of nature to your space, too.

The look of brick: The classic brick patio set in a herringbone pattern complements any home style or architectural design. Brick is a unifying and classic choice.

Adding a lovely water feature to this section of the patio would bring soothing sounds of nature for optimal relaxation while a coordinating concrete edging paver could unify the various patio surfaces.

A classic brick paver patio creates an outdoor room that only gets better with age. Every time you step onto the patio, the brick paver becomes an anchor in the backyard.


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