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4 Landscape Design Ideas for Customizing Your Patio in the Armonk and Larchmont, NY, Areas

4 Landscape Design Ideas for Customizing Your Patio in the Armonk and Larchmont, NY, Areas

Customizing your Armonk and Larchmont, NY, areas paver patio is possible when you have the help of skilled landscape professionals on your side. They can recommend the perfect materials and unique details for a lovely outdoor living space. Take a look at these landscape design ideas to see what we mean!

A Custom Paver Patio

A gorgeous and durable custom paver patio can set the scene for any outdoor living features you want to add to your new patio space. A landscape professional might suggest using a neutral patio paver to complement your home’s exterior and architectural details. The paver surface can be the backdrop for anything you want to stand out in the design.

Adding a retaining wall in a similar tone of stacked stone or wall stone can increase the privacy you enjoy in your new paver patio. You might love the idea of a similar color tone for the wall, but the texture can vary for increased interest in your space. Topped with a lovely, honed flat stone, the wall’s coping can offer space to add flower pots of vibrant floral colors and for additional seating for a casual gathering.

An Outdoor Fireplace

As part of the retaining wall design, why not choose to add an outdoor fireplace for warmth and ambiance in this space? The outdoor fireplace can be an integral part of the retaining wall with nooks on either side to store dry firewood.

Topped with an all-weather TV, you can relax there and watch the big game or enjoy a nightcap. Even in the summer months, lighting a fire in the outdoor fireplace can be the spot you make fun memories with your family as you roast marshmallows and enjoy the gooey goodness together

A New Paver Walkway

It is likely that you will want to have a way to access the parking area and front of the house, so a landscape professional can design and install a beautiful paver walkway that connects the new patio to the front yard.

To give the walkway a proper connection to the patio, they can install a pretty arbor over the space where the two meet. This can give your patio a destination feel. If you prefer the idea of a large stepping stone path with tiny herbs that smell delightful when you step on them, or pea gravel between each stone, this can be a wonderful alternative to walkway pavers. Either way, this can be the perfect way to merge the front yard and backyard.

An Outdoor Grill Station

An outdoor grill station anchored on the opposite side of the retaining wall could include a counter with stools for you and your guests to dine outdoors. Since the counter can be situated near the grill, you can chat with your friends and family as you cook burgers or steaks.

This outdoor living space can also double as a comfortable spot for people to sit and sip on their drinks as they wait to dine together. A multifunctional space in a new patio design can always come in handy.

Since landscape professionals design and build amazing outdoor living spaces all the time, they can help you choose the best features for your needs. Not only can an outdoor living space be pretty, but it can become the best “room” in the house.


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