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Bring Your Landscape Design to Life With These 3 Ideas in Larchmont and Chappaqua, NY Areas

Landscape Design Larchmont NY - Bring Your Life With These 3 Ideas in Chappaqua, NY Areas

Very few people are sad to see winter go. Officially close the book on this past winter by turning your attention to bringing your landscape design in the Larchmont and Chappaqua, NY, areas back to life. These ideas can achieve a welcoming refresh to your property.

New Patio, Walkway, and Driveway

Over time, an outdated patio, walkways, or driveway can suffer from the freeze-thaw cycles that characterize the harsh winter. Having your landscaper inspect for cracking, breaking, and shifted sections of these hardscapes can be an important start to the spring season. This can be the best time to have these features completely upgraded—to incorporate a new feature that you will love and that will stand the test of time (including future freeze-thaw cycles).

Choose from a wide variety of concrete paver styles, colors, and pattern options to create a custom hardscape. One of the amazing characteristics of pavers is that they can be combined in any fashion to make a one-of-a-kind patio, walkway, or driveway. In fact, all your new features could be tied together visually if you opt to use the same field paver. It’s not required but something to consider. If you want each space in your landscape to look distinct, your landscaper may suggest adding contrasting banding or a different laying pattern to differentiate the purpose of each feature.

Spring Cleanup

If the inside of your home needs a spring cleaning, it makes sense that the outside world, too. Here are some of the areas your landscape design Bedford, NY team can pay attention to in order to make your landscape ready for the growing season.

Trees and shrubs: When your landscaper trims the jagged edges of the branches that have broken over this past winter, this can minimize the risk of diseases taking hold or pests infesting your trees or bushes. Not only can this protect the health of your plantings but it also improves the appearance as they leaf out and flower in the spring.

Lawn: Your landscaper could address any debris leftover from the winter weather and inspect for brown spots and fungus patches in your lawn. It’s possible that heavy snow left behind mold or fungus, which should be treated if it hasn’t been addressed already.

Planting beds: Raking and removing the thin mulch from the landscape beds and checking for weeds can be the start of a new planting season. Your landscaper could spread new mulch and create a clean edge for the beds.

Hardscapes: Your walkways, patio, and any other hardscape structure may need a cleaning or a completely new refresh to ensure you can enjoy the warm season to the fullest this year.

Irrigation System

Irrigation can be a critical component of a successful lawn maintenance plan. After the winter weather clears away, your landscaper could inspect the irrigation system for leaks, good working order, and accurate watering zones. Or this may be the year you decide to have an irrigation system installed. The intent can be to accentuate the beauty of the landscape design—a lush, beautiful lawn can bring out the beauty of your patio and other outdoor living spaces.


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