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5 Kid-Friendly Water Features to Add to an Inground Pool for Summer Fun in Irvington and Armonk, NY

5 Kid-Friendly Water Features to Add to an Inground Pool for Summer Fun in Irvington and Armonk, NY

You know that when the summer rolls around, your kids will be clamoring to swim every day in your Irvington and Armonk, NY, inground pool, but will there be enough pool activities to keep them busy for hours? Do you need extra storage for the toys? These kid-friendly water features can be just what you need to up the activity and fun quotient of your pool.


Young or old, everyone has fun on a waterslide that spills into the pool. A fiberglass waterslide gives the kids (and you!) a fun way to climb and slide all day long. When you have had enough of the fun, you can simply relax poolside and enjoy their fun from your chair. A waterslide could be installed amid landscape boulders to give your pool space some natural-looking personality, making the slide seem like it is jutting right out of nature for a tropical feel. When the landscape service adds some jets that shoot water onto the slide, your pool can become the favorite hangout for your kids and their friends.

Pool Fountains

If you have little ones, don’t forget that they need a fun, safe space, too. This can come in the form of spouting jets toward the shallow end platform so that they can delight in running in and out of the waterfall there. If you are feeling adventurous, consider some deck jets for your little ones to try and catch the water or to make up water games as they dodge the jets. A waterfall brings added beauty to an inground pool area and also lots of fun for hot-day head dunks under the flowing water.

Shower Space

Extend the fun by adding an outdoor shower to the pool area so that your kids can wash off the chlorine and then head inside knowing that they will not have to take a traditional shower or bath. Many adults enjoy outdoor showers as well. Whether it is part of a pool house or a freestanding structure, consider storage needs for easy access to soap, shampoo, and towels.

Eating Area

Perhaps nothing compares to eating lunch outside. While you may have a designated space for eating alfresco dinners, you may want a more casual spot for lunch picnics. A picnic area of pea gravel and weather-resistant seating can make eating and cleaning up easy. Allowing children to sit without drying off won’t be an issue.

Adding a covered cabana for the adults who would love some shade can also be a perfect addition for relaxing out of the sun. The goal of your landscape design should be for ease and convenience, which an outdoor eating area fulfills perfectly.

Extra Storage

Your landscape service has multiple ideas for additional storage for towels, chair cushions, sunscreen lotions, and pool toys. Keeping these extra pool supplies nearby can minimize going back and forth to the house.

Considering adding well-crafted, creative storage to the cabana space, in an adjoining spot of the pool deck, or near the shower. Not only can this make your life easier but it makes keeping your pool space clean and clear of clutter a breeze.


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