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5 Landscaping Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Paver Patio in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

5 Landscaping Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Paver Patio in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

To achieve maximum functionality and beauty in a Briarcliff Manor, NY, area's paver patio design, consider how you can make the most of your existing landscape, and how you anticipate spending more of your time outdoors when the work is complete. The following landscaping tips will help you know what you want in the patio design so that you can have the outdoor entertaining and living spaces you need all year long.

Tip #1: Position the Patio

When your landscape designer positions the patio in a place where it offers easy access for outdoor relaxation and entertainment, this makes the space easier to use. Anytime an outdoor area is maximized for use, you will be more likely to plan activities there.

Many homeowners love the patio placement to be close to the backdoor since that is where you come and go. As you work with your landscape professionals to choose the location and pavers, consider how it will look from your picture window or French doors—when you aren’t outside, you may want the option to enjoy the view anytime.

Tip #2: Choose Patio Pavers That Complement Your Home

Pavers are an exceptional choice for a patio for a variety of reasons. They are durable and color-fast, with so many textural and shape selections that you can customize them to your preference. A landscape professional can recommend the ideal light-to-dark color tones for a pleasing appearance.

You could find that choosing patio pavers with a similar style and color to your exterior paint and brick colors would produce the best outcome. When you really want to incorporate some visual interest that stands out, a landscape professional can add a central design and other details to make that surface pop.

Tip #3: Add a Retaining Wall

Placing a retaining wall around the patio or other areas within the patio can improve privacy and create a sense of definition. Built of stacked stone or wall stone, a retaining wall can set any outdoor living space apart from the others and add a cozy feeling to the area.

When your backyard has a slope or slight hill, the retaining wall can increase the available patio by holding back the dirt on the slope. A landscape professional can remove the dirt at the slope base to allow for more area for a paver patio. The retaining wall is designed to divert the water from storms to another, more acceptable space and give you an attractive wall instead of a dirt wall as part of the patio aesthetic.

Tip #4: Introduce Some Fire

Whether it is with immediate family or your closest friends, gathering around a fire can elevate your paver patio. People naturally gravitate to fire, so incorporating a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can be the ideal addition to your patio space.

When your fire feature is placed at the edge of the patio, this can keep the main patio open for cushiony outdoor furniture with the fire area off to one side. Your fire pit or outdoor fireplace can feel more like a destination when you designate a separate area for this feature.

Tip #5: Choose a Skilled Landscape Company

One of the best tips is to choose a landscape company whose work meets your high standards and whose reputation speaks for itself.


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