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5 Ways to Integrate a Beautiful Paver Patio with Limited Space in Rye and Scarsdale, NY

Landscape areas on the smaller side in Rye and Scarsdale, NY, can still hold a beautiful paver patio with some thoughtful planning and preparation. Here are some ways to integrate a lovely patio into your backyard or side yard.

Benefits of Paver Patios

Paver patios offer many benefits. The pavers themselves are durable, and many are made to be stain-resistant. They handle foot traffic well and won’t fade, crack, or chip. Manufactured to withstand the freeze-thaw cycle of the Rye and Scarsdale winters, patio pavers come in a wide variety of color tones, sizes, and shapes that make creating a custom patio a dream.

Paver Patio Ideas

One of the main ways to incorporate a paver patio into a limited space can be to designate the various spaces of your landscape for specific use. Any of these ideas can work exceptionally well in a small backyard area or side yard.

  • Pergola and fire pit: When you want a patio that offers several options, your landscapers can start with a patio area that is divided into unique spaces and connected by stepping stones. The beauty of a pergola and fire pit combination is that these outdoor features can fit most any size space. Your backyard patio plan can make the fire pit the main area with a pergola set off to one side at the edge of the yard.

It can be helpful to think in terms of geographic quadrants. One side can hold the fire pit while the opposite section closest to the house can feature the shady pergola. The final space could be a pretty ornamental tree and some attractive landscape plants.

  • Fenced grass and patio space: Adding fencing to your small patio can make the space feel more intimate as well as increase the sense of privacy. If you don’t want a traditional fence, skilled landscapers can build a trellis fence that lets vines grow up for privacy. The advantage of a trellis can be that the breezes still flow through for a pleasant temperature. When one side of the area is a paver patio with a unique laying pattern and the other side is carefully tended grass, you can have the best of both worlds.

  • Covered structure: You may be able to work with your landscaper to add a covered structure to your small yard. A pergola or pavilion could feature a paver floor beneath it that has a central design and edging that creates a finished look, and this area of your landscape can be your go-to place for when you are working from home or to when you want to finish the day with a favorite beverage.

  • Embrace squares: A simple but effective paver patio can be when your landscapers use huge squares of pavers to separate out grassy strips. The grass contrasted with the pavers can create an eye-catching foundation for outdoor couches, for instance. Finish your space with hand-picked shrubs that grow to create a living screen on each side of the patio.

  • Outdoor dining: If dining beneath the open sky is one of your most beloved activities, you could look into having an outdoor dining space that caters to how you like to prepare and enjoy your meals. Include a fire pit in this plan, and you will always have a spot to finish the night with s’mores.


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