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The Essentials of Lawn Care This Time of Year in Bedford and Scarsdale, NY Areas

The Essentials of Lawn Care This Time of Year in Bedford and Scarsdale, NY

As the summer season starts to take off and the hot days set in, caring for your Bedford and Scarsdale, NY, the lawn can be essential for ensuring you always have thriving stands of grass. Here are the essentials of lawn care matter as much in the summer as they do in other seasons.

Lawn Maintenance

Your time is limited, and the needs of your lawn can be too much to take on by anyone person—these are excellent reasons to let a skilled landscape maintenance company handle all lawn mowing and blowing.

With their customizable schedule, you can choose the services that best suit your lawn care needs. Their lawn care team will arrive promptly on schedule each week to cut the grass at the optimal 3” to 3.5” height since this protects the tender roots. They offer lawn clipping recycling that can produce exceptional compost. The services can be tailored to your preferences.

Fertilizing at the appropriate times is another essential lawn care service that you need for thriving, lush grass. Fertilizer application can be tricky since too much can burn the grass while too little does nothing. A skilled landscape service will test your soil to determine the right fertilizer ratio for your soil and grass type. When the time the fertilizer for optimal use by the grass, your lawn will stay green and healthy.

Landscape Maintenance

Beyond the lawn, tree care and removal become a critical service to keep your landscape in top shape. Proper pruning can keep your trees healthy by preventing openings for disease and pests to infiltrate the trunk. Regular care includes trimming broken branches, cleaning the trunk of broken edges, and removing low-hanging branches that can affect the appearance of the tree.

The same treatment is beneficial for shrubs and plants in your landscape. A landscape service can inspect the shrubs, plants, and flowers for good health. When they remove the plants that are not thriving and replace them with fresh growth, this practice can keep your landscape from becoming dull-looking.

While it might seem to be a simple matter, replacing the old, faded mulch with new mulch can bring your summer landscape back to life. As the dog days of summer arrive, the grass and plants can suffer from the heat, but your landscaper has ways to bring the appearance back to life. From adjusting the irrigation schedule for deeper watering to planning for aeration in the early fall to reduce soil compaction, they have the tools and industry knowledge for every season.

New Outdoor Features

Your landscape service can also recommend outdoor features that will suit your landscape, too. Consider a fire pit to enhance your landscape for the fall season when the weather cools down or a water fountain to bring the sensory experience of water to your landscape.

Their 3D technology allows you to see any outdoor feature or fresh landscape design before they begin any construction. Because they are committed to a high-end design and build experience, you will have an amazing lawn, pruned and treated trees, and a new outdoor feature to entice your family to spend more time outside together. From a custom poolscape to a deluxe outdoor grill station, they can do it all.


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