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A Brand-New Outdoor Look Is Just a Clipping Away With These Lawn Care Tips in Armonk and Rye, NY

A Brand-New Outdoor Look Is Just a Clipping Away With These Lawn Care Tips in Armonk and Rye, NY

As the cold weather settles in for a bit, locating the perfect lawn care service for your Armonk and Rye, NY, lawn can have your property ready to greet the warm spring temperatures. Whether you want a brand-new outdoor look or love what you have and need help with the responsibility of maintaining, here’s what to do about your landscape during each season, to keep your lawn in tiptop shape.


When your lawn service prepares the grass for springtime renewal, you can rest assured that the grass will green up, the shrubs will leaf out, and the whole landscape will look fresh and new. An experienced lawn care service will know to give your awakening lawn a boost with fertilizer tailored to your grass type.

Since, by the spring, the entire property has been dormant in the cold winter months, this boost of food can be essential to kickstart the growing period. Some lawns need to be dethatched, which involves removing the thick, dead grass from the top of the soil so that the water, sun, and fertilizer can reach the roots where the growth begins.

Your lawn care service will also need to address the weeds with pre-emergent weed control to stop those pesky weeds that can ruin your lawn.


Many landscape professionals recommend another application of fertilizer in the early summer to help the grass withstand the hot summer sun. Having a properly installed irrigation system can ensure that the grass stays well-watered in the hot weather.

Mowing is the primary summertime task. A landscape crew can make short work of mowing your grass. Mowing might seem straightforward but it can actually be a bit more complex than it seems. Your grass should be mowed at a certain height to protect the roots from the hot sun, and it may need to be mowed in a different direction every time to prevent some areas from overgrowing while others are too short.

Something that a lawn service keeps in check is sharpening the blades. A dull blade can rip the grass while a sharp blade makes a clean cut to prevent opportunity for disease and pests.


Fall is when your lawn service should aerate the soil to open small spaces for the roots to receive the most air, sun, and fertilizer. Overseeding can be what fills in the bare spots of the grass while post-emergent herbicide kills the existing weeds to prevent them from germinating again in the spring.

Your landscape service will continue mowing to keep the grass in good health until it stops growing.

Winter/Design Time

You might be tempted to think nothing lawn-related happens in the winter, but that can be the ideal time to plan a new outdoor look. If you would like to introduce more interest and functionality to your landscape, you could inquire about reducing your expanse of lawn by creating more strategic grassy sections that are bordered by a rectangular stepping stone path and a new garden on the other side.

Perhaps it’s time for a backyard patio, to give you more possibilities when you go outside. This may be the season to look into crafting a gorgeous paver patio surrounded by grass that softens the edges of the patio and gives you a place to sit as you sink your barefeet into your lush, well cared for grass.


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