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What's Involved in Summertime Lawn Care in Irvington and Armonk, NY Areas?

As the summer wears on and the upkeep requirements of your Irvington and Armonk, NY, landscape multiply, you may be on the search for a new lawn care maintenance team. Keeping your lawn and landscape in pristine shape is their specialty.

Early Summer Care

In the early summer, your grass needs specific tasks to keep it looking great throughout the growing season.

  • Fertilizer: Feeding your grass in the early summer can help it when the weather turns hot and your lawn feels the stress. The heat can take a toll on the grass, and it needs extra nutrition to stand up to the sun well.

Fertilizer is composed of three nutrients that offer protection from disease and pests, boost the health of the roots and leaves, and give the grass strength to stay vibrant in the heat.

  • Mowing: For this ongoing responsibility, a schedule can ensure that the grass will be maintained at its proper height and the overall landscape will look tidy.

Your landscapers know that regular mowing at a tall height can protect the tender roots and help your grass continue to thrive through the entire summer. They also understand that mowing at different angles can keep your grass looking optimal since the growth is even throughout the entire yard.

  • Pest and disease control: A stressed yard can become a welcoming home to potential pests and diseases that invades and destroys your hard-earned green grass. Treating these issues in early summer can be a proactive way to ensure you have a thriving lawn.

Mid-Summer Care

As mid-summer arrives, so do the hottest days and when you need to have a lawn service focus on keeping your lush lawn alive.

  • Mowing: Mowing continues to be a critical part of a healthy lawn during this time, especially when the days are hot. Don’t neglect your lawn by delaying mowing. A landscape service has the team and the equipment to make short work of lawn mowing.

  • Watering: By mid-summer, the rain can be spotty and your lawn needs regular, deep watering for the best chance to weather the heat. Watering early in the morning before the sun rises can give your lawn a chance to absorb the water before the sun burns off the excess moisture.

Your landscapers can install or inspect your irrigation system. They will make sure there are no broken sprinkler heads, watering zones that irrigate sidewalks, and leaks. This constant monitoring can keep your water bill from being unnecessarily sky-high in the summer months.

  • Inspect the lawn care equipment: The summer is no time to become slack in equipment care since any lawn mower, blower, and trimmer used will need to continue to be in working order for weeks to come. A lawn care service inspects and cares for their equipment regularly. Their mower blades are sharp and make a clean cut and the blowers are always gassed up and ready to blow the trimmings and debris into a pile to be removed.

Ongoing lawn care means your main responsibility—simply asking to get on the schedule—is complete for the season. All that is left to do is enjoy your outdoor surroundings, including a lush, healthy lawn that will look good through the fall.


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