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Bring Focus to Your Inground Pool With These Pool-Centric Landscaping Ideas in Scarsdale, NY

Bring Focus to Your Inground Pool With These Pool-Centric Landscaping Ideas in Scarsdale, NY

Many homeowners want to put the focus on the landscaping around their Scarsdale, NY, inground pool but may not be sure how to achieve that distinct look. Consider the many ways that landscape professionals can bring beauty and attention to your pool area.

Landscape for Privacy

One of the details that can make your inground pool more desirable can be for your landscape professionals to add some privacy screens. They can use fast-growing evergreens and strategic trees to block your pool area from view.

You could also choose to have staggered trellises with climbing vines to let the breezes through while keeping the pool space shielded. Boxwoods can be another amazing choice as they can grow into a lovely, manicured hedge.

Landscape for Color

When you select shrubs that bloom in the summertime, you can have color and flowers to surround your pool area. There are trees that also produce gorgeous blooms, but you will want to be careful about having trees that drop their leaves. Skimming leaves continually out of the pool is probably not an activity you want to have to do on a regular basis.

Another way to incorporate more color into your pool space can be to have landscape professionals situate annual flowers in the landscape beds. Oversize pots with bold greenery and spilling flowers also draw the eye to your pool.

Add a Focal Retaining Wall

Increase the unique look of your inground pool with a retaining wall of stacked stone as a focal-point . If the wall is going to be tall, it can be a place where you add a massive water fountain to bring the soothing sounds of spilling water to your outdoor living space.

Another way to draw the attention can be to have your landscapers incorporate statuary there for a formal garden. You can have planters built into the base for a custom planting plan among the statuary. Whatever you envision, they can create.

Plan Some Shade

Don’t forget that your pool space needs some shade for relief of the hot summer sun. A cabana in the same style and stone can merge these two spaces together. With a high ceiling and ceiling fans to stir the breeze, the cabana can be a place to relax in the shade and to have a casual lunch if you wish.

When your cabana is large enough to accommodate a bathroom for easy changing and keeping the wet swimmers out of the house, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. Placing loungers there makes good sense, but you may also want to consider adding tables and chairs for your guests to enjoy a meal and drinks.

Add Landscape Lighting

Swimming fun doesn’t only happen in the daylight hours. That is why having landscape professionals plan strategic outdoor lighting can let you spend time at your pool after dark. Imagine how lovely your poolscape could be with illumination in the nearby landscape beds.

Uplights can shine onto the tree trunks for interesting shadows and spotlights can illuminate your statuary and stone retaining wall. Lighting to accent the waterfall can bring some drama to your pool area, too.

With so many ways to bring the focus to your inground pool and landscaping, you might have a hard time choosing which details to add.


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