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4 Benefits of a Custom-Designed Pool Installation Near Me in Briarcliff Manor and Chappaqua, NY

4 Benefits of a Custom-Designed Pool Installation Near Me in Briarcliff Manor and Chappaqua, NY

With backyard pools increasing in appeal, adding a custom-designed pool to your Briarcliff Manor and Chappaqua, NY, landscape can offer multiple benefits. As you contemplate options for a “pool installation near me,” consider all the reasons installing a custom pool can be exactly what you need for summertime fun.


When your kids and other family members love to swim in the summer, the options can be somewhat limited if you do not already have a pool. You may have been stuck hoping to get invitations to your friend’s pool or you’ve had to sign up for a pool membership and hope that the pool does not get too crowded. One of the primary benefits of adding a custom pool to your backyard can be the privacy it offers, in addition to its 24/7 availability all summer long.

Swimming at someone else’s pool can be a tricky proposition. You don’t know how the pool is maintained or its cleanliness level. Your own custom pool would give you and your guests an open place to swim. You will know that no one will interrupt your fun and you can stay as long as you like.

Improved Health

If one of the reasons you don’t exercise regularly is because you don’t want to have to travel to the gym, a custom pool designed to your personal needs can be the answer. Whether you want to swim laps or do water aerobics, you will have constant access—and no excuses—for using your pool to exercise and improve your health.

Studies show that swimming and water exercise can reduce blood pressure and improve a person’s mental outlook. Swimming has also been known to help people with diabetes, heart disease, and anxiety.

Fun and Friends

Your own custom pool allows you to invite whomever you wish to entertain for the day. Your children can have birthday parties and celebrations there with their friends.

You no longer have to swim with strangers since you control who swims at your pool. When the kids are restless and it is hot outside, letting them invite friends to swim can get them to spend more of their time outside, encourage exercise, and even help them sleep better at night.

You Choose the Look

When you work with landscape professionals to design your custom pool, you can add the pool features that you prefer. If adults will be using the pool, consider adding a spa for soothing muscles after a tennis match or simply for relaxing.

If you have an active family, your landscapers could include some slides and waterfalls to delight all ages of swimmers. Spending a day at the pool together can be part of a weekly routine where your family slows down and enjoys time in each other’s company.

For homes with young children, you could look into the installation of a small, shaded waterfall that adds fun to the pool, at their level of play. Splashing in and out of the waterfall can let you enjoy being there with the kids since you also get to bask in the shade.

Working with skilled landscapers can let you choose the location, the extra features, and the overall aesthetic of your custom backyard pool. From materials to landscaping, they can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces.


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