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From Classic to Contemporary: Stylish Design Ideas for an Inground Pool in Rye and Bedford, NY

Adding an inground pool to your Rye and Bedford, NY Areas landscape can be an exciting way to elevate the space for refreshing days spent in the sunny weather. With all the pool design options, choosing the right one can feel daunting but there are some clear ways to decide which stylish pool is the one for you, offering the ultimate outdoor enjoyment for entertaining, exercise, and tanning.

From Classic to Contemporary: Stylish Design Ideas for an Inground Pool in the Rye and Bedford, NY Areas

A Pool and Spa That Suits Everyone

Add an extra layer of luxury with an inground pool and spa as part of the pool space. After your daily game of pickleball or chasing the little ones around the yard, imagine how soothing the warm, bubbling spa waters are for sore, achy muscles. A raised spa delivers a view of the entire pool so your kids and their friends can frolic in the cool water while you relax in the spa nearby.

A pool with a spa fits every landscape style, from traditional to modern, providing a way for all of your guests to enjoy time outdoors with you.

The Lounge Pool

Resting in the cool pool waters after a hectic week can happen with a custom lounge pool where the built-in loungers offer the perfect way to finish the day. Luxurious and effortless, lounge pools are often no deeper than five feet since the goal is to soak and float for relaxation. Think of how wonderful and refreshing lounging in the shallow pool water would feel as you swish your hands through the water on each side.

A lounge pool can echo a contemporary landscape design with a fire pit in the center to add a dramatic focal point while a classic outdoor aesthetic boasts a trio of waterfalls that spill into the pool to create a Zen moment. Rejuvenation is the goal of lounge pools.

A Classic Rectangular Pool

A classic rectangular pool offers the best of all worlds with space to swim laps for exercise and a deep end that will delight guests. This pool design also fits into any outdoor space with ease and a gracious presence, adding a geometric symmetry that complements other outdoor features.

Surrounded by a deep pool deck that provides ample space for those who want to catch some rays as well as accommodating swimmers who love to jump into the pool, the rectangular pool is always a welcome feature.

Plus, the rectangular shape of the pool allows it to fit into a modern courtyard, a long, narrow side yard, and an expansive backyard equally well.

Roman and Grecian-Style Pools

This pool style adds a decorative flair to the outdoor space reminiscent of Grecian and Roman villas. Frequently rectangular with long, straight sides and arched ends, this pool blends timeless elegance with decorative details that add flair. This pool style can be echoed in a nearby pavilion with elegant columns and classic tile mosaics, accented with minimal landscaping that maintains the pool as the focal feature.

A Freeform Pool

Freeform pools follow the terrain to maximize the curving lines and flowing nature of your outdoor space. When the backyard has some challenges or you want to continue the visual movement of the landscape design, a freeform pool can fit perfectly.


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