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Innovative Ways of Creating an Intimate Paver Patio for a Large Backyard in Bedford and Scarsdale NY

Innovative Ways of Creating an Intimate Paver Patio for a Large Backyard in Bedford and Scarsdale, NY

If your Bedford and Scarsdale, NY, backyard is expansive yet you want to create a sense of closeness when you dine or gather on the patio, there are special considerations to make in the landscape design process. Consider one of these innovative ways of creating an intimate paver patio that would bring both style and function to your overall outdoor space.

Multi-level Patio with Water

One of the best things about a multi-level paver patio for a large backyard space can be the ability to create a series of spaces with varying elevations. This can not only make for an interesting combination of spaces but also keeps your guests from feeling cramped on the patio.

A paver patio that sits directly outside the back door of your home can most often prove to be the best space for comfortable couches and tables since it is accessed the most easily. When you have plenty of seating for your guests to chat and visit, that same seating can expand the dining options for seating.

Your landscapers can transition between levels with custom stone steps in a wide design for moving among the spaces comfortably, more seating for casual dinners, and perfect spots to place pots of colorful, seasonal flowers for added beauty.

To bring unity to each patio elevation, consider adding trickling streams that run among every level for a delightful sensory experience and the added feeling of peace that water brings to any space.

Varied Paver Pattern

In a patio design, every part of the paver patio doesn’t have to look exactly alike. When seen as a huge rectangle, one entire side of the patio can be composed of pavers that are laid in a specific pattern such as herringbone or basketweave. Another section of the patio could feature oversize concrete squares that have pea gravel between the squares.

Varied Shapes

Another excellent method of making a large patio seem special can be to incorporate multiple shapes. One part of the patio could be a rectangle with your monogram or the last initial in the center while the next part could be an oversize circle. Another paver patio section could be elevated above the rest. Your landscapers can connect each space with custom stepping stones and landscape lighting to bring a cohesive feeling to the whole space.

Paver patio shapes are not the only aspect that can be customized. An oversize circular patio could be flanked on one side with long rectangles of pavers to appear as a series of lines in the landscape. In between the rectangles could be fine grass or monkey grass for a visual pop of green.

Designated Function Areas

An often-used method to make a large patio feel intimate and different can be to create small rooms within the large room, the patio. One space could hold the outdoor fireplace while another could be a bar area. Options for spaces are limitless, so you can incorporate any type of utility for a paver patio space.

Your landscapers are full of ideas that have likely never occurred to you, so discuss your vision for the paver patio to hear some fresh takes on how to transform your landscape.


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