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Landscape Companies Suggest 4 Tips When Planning an Inground Pool in Briarcliff Manor and Armonk, NY

Landscape Companies Suggest 4 Tips When Planning an Inground Pool in Briarcliff Manor and Armonk, NY

Don’t let the planning for your Briarcliff Manor and Armonk, NY, inground pool overwhelm you. Let some of these tips from landscape companies help you choose what to include and what to leave out of your pool design.

Your inground pool is a crucial investment in your property. Think about things such as how many people will use the pool. How often do you anticipate swimming? What is the best proximity for the pool to your house? Asking yourself these questions and others like it can help you clarify your pool priorities. The following tips will help, too.

Establish Parameters

As with any landscape project, you will want to put parameters around the budget, timeline, and space of your new inground pool. This gives you an idea of where to start as the planning gets underway and will likely evolve as you finalize the details of your inground pool. What’s most important to you? Figuring this out ahead of time can lead to fruitful discussions with your landscapers, and they will have plenty of ideas for what will work for your property and wishes as well.

Take a Look at the Backyard

Your landscape has quite a bit to do with the type of inground pool your landscape can accommodate. A sloped yard has challenges but a custom stone retaining wall could be a solution for giving the usable space you need. Other homeowners have a small yard and think it will be difficult to fit in a pool but a skilled landscape team can create a custom pool that is a long rectangle or a pool that follows the contours of the land.

No matter the way your terrain goes, pool/landscape companies have the expertise and tools to make this outdoor feature happen for your landscape.

Factor in Pool Decking

You want the pool deck to be eye-catching but you also need a slip-resistant surface to protect the swimmers from accidental falls. Your landscapers can recommend pool deck pavers that offer the beauty of select colors and sizes while embodying the slip-resistant surface you need.

Your pool pavers can be earthen tones in geometric squares and rectangles, or you can choose light monochromatic pavers for an urban aesthetic. You could select a classic brick pool deck paver and add a banding of contrasting gray pavers.

Add Some Shade

Even when the forecast says no rain, there can be an unexpected storm that causes everyone to have to scurry indoors. When you incorporate a cabana style space that offers shade on a hot day and protection from the elements, you can wait out the rain to swim again when it is over.

A cabana or pavilion can also serve double duty with a small outdoor kitchen and refrigerator to hold snacks and drinks so you don’t have to run back and forth to the house all day. When your covered space has cabinets to store additional supplies, towels, and sunscreen, you can leave everything there for pool day fun.

Planning for an inground pool can be a great experience when you draw on the expertise and ideas of skilled landscape professionals. They will think of details you never would have considered to help you achieve the amazing pool you want for your outdoor space.


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