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3 Masonry Ideas That Can Keep Your Landscape Safe and Looking Great in Briarcliff Manor, NY

3 Masonry Ideas in Briarcliff Manor, NY That Can Keep Your Landscape Safe and Looking Great

When you invite guests over for a backyard barbeque, you want Briarcliff Manor, NY, outdoor spaces that are both safe and beautiful. These masonry ideas can accomplish everything you want your landscape to be—pretty and high quality.

Driveway Pavers

If your driveway doesn’t impress you on a daily basis, masonry contractors can remedy that. They can design a custom driveway paver surface that is durable, colorfast, and able to withstand the harsh winters and hot summers. The choice of many colors, styles, and textures in driveway pavers can allow you to have a driveway that elevates the look of your landscape while introducing excellent functionality.

If you prefer a mix of paving surfaces, they can combine the driveway pavers with asphalt for exceptional edging. The pavers can be used to mark intervals in the driveway or to serve as a grid pattern with the black asphalt. When your new driveway leads to a carefully planned parking area, this landscape space will look amazing from beginning to end.

Parking Area

If you have the space for it and often entertain, a parking area that is easy to navigate and accessible to the backyard can often be overlooked. With these masonry ideas, parking can be safe and beautiful.

Your driveway should be an area where getting out of the car does not mean squeezing by another parked car. This is where a skilled masonry company can transform that space for better parking solutions.

By adding a low stone wall around the perimeter of the parking area at the back of your home, can help you and your guests know where to stop when parking. The boundary that a wall forms can be helpful with how far to proceed without ending up in the grass.

A masonry contractor can address the slope challenges of the landscape and build a lovely stone retaining wall of various elevations to provide a secure, clearly designated parking area for you. This addition could allow for more landscaping choices at the top of the wall to add beauty and a finished appearance.


Within the retaining wall can be a set of steps that lead to the backyard from the parking spaces. Wide, deep stone steps can provide a safe and durable way to move from parking to the rear of your home.

When your masonry contractor installs large stepping stones or plans a full walkway of pavers to allow you to walk from the stairs to the back patio, this can be an enjoyable way to move to the backyard.

A landscape masonry service can finish all masonry features with gorgeous landscape beds and hand-selected trees for a pretty appearance all the way around the features. Driving into your property on a fresh, custom driveway and parking in the wide, accessible parking area can transform your outdoor space. When there are deep steps from the parking to the carefully placed stepping stones, the progress to the backyard will never disappoint.

A skilled masonry service can take your outdoor spaces to the next level of beauty and useability. These experts can design and install landscaping solutions that make the most of any masonry feature, too.


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