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Landscaping Tips: The Essentials to Look for in Quality Lawn Care in the Briarcliff Manor, NY Area

Landscaping Tips: The Essentials to Look For in Quality Lawn Care in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

With so many choices for Briarcliff Manor, NY area lawn care services, it can be difficult at first to know which one is right for your landscaping needs. The following essentials can help you sift through the many services for quality lawn care to find the company that best meets your criteria.

The Landscaping Team

Any landscape lawn care service can come to your home and cut the grass, blow the walkway, and trim the shrubs, but you want a cut above the ordinary. An elevated approach starts with a lawn care team that pays attention to the smallest of details.

A focus on ongoing education about exceptional lawn care and continues with stellar customer service is the foundation of a great lawn care relationship. You want the kind of landscaper who will listen to your expectations for your lawn and who will create a plan to meet them. Excellent lawn care typically starts with exceptional people.

Certification and Licensing

Certifications and licensing can show you that a lawn care service is serious about maintaining and growing its business. Ongoing training and attention to the latest trends and technology can bring the best care to your landscape.

When a lawn care service belongs to professional organizations, this can show an investment in staying accountable to other people for offering professional services that meet the highest standard. An established lawn service offers the stability and experience honed from years of business.


When a lawn care service has happy customers who are glad to offer testimonials, this can be a good indicator for you of a reputable company. Chances are good that if other customers are satisfied with their ongoing service, you will be, too.

Many lawn care services post testimonials from satisfied clients right on their website for you to read. References can also tell you how timely the landscaping team is when arriving for lawn service, how responsive the team is to requests, and how happy they are with their landscape care.

Essential Lawn Care Services

  • Mowing: Grass should generally be mowed at a height of 3 to 3.5 inches to protect the roots from burning in the hot summer sun. Another potentially important mowing criteria are to vary the mowing path to encourage proper growth throughout the lawn.

  • Blowing: Keeping the walkways and driveway free of grass clippings maintains a clean appearance and keeps the clippings out of your landscape beds.

  • Green waste recycling: Look for a lawn care service that recycles the green grass clippings for organic compost. Leaving the clippings on the lawn can make the overall appearance mottled, obscuring the nice mowing lines.

  • Tree care and removal: Proper tree care is essential to a healthy landscape. Many times a lawn care professional can trim the jagged branch edges to enhance the leafed-out appearance and prevent pests or fungus from infecting the tree. When trees are dying, they need to be removed to ensure safety and prevent further damage to the landscape.

Outdoor beauty requires a well-maintained lawn. When you find a reputable lawn care service that offers the attentive treatment and maintenance that you want, your lawn can be the shining star of your landscape.


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