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Add These Masonry Trends to Your Wish List for Improving Your Larchmont and Scarsdale, NY, Landscape

Add These Masonry Trends to Your Wish List for Improving Your Larchmont and Scarsdale, NY, Landscape

If you are making a wish list of ways to improve your Larchmont, Bedford, and Scarsdale, NY, landscape, you will want to include masonry features. These following trends could inspire you to add visual weight and textured beauty to your property through expert stonework.

What Homeowners Should Know About Masonry

Masonry can include anything formed of stone, pavers, concrete blocks, and similar materials where the components are held together with mortar or some other compound. Masonry is a highly skilled trade that can bring unmatched beauty to your landscape. Be sure to enlist the work of a proven masonry company with licensed mason contractors who have a track record of quality work.

Masonry Trends to Consider

  • Patio: The patio often takes center stage as the most popular outdoor room in the landscape. This is true for several reasons. First, a masonry patio can be durable and eye-catching, especially if your mason installs the stone or pavers in a unique pattern or in an oversized shape. Second, a well-planned patio can be home to a place to play games as a family and a place to enjoy an impromptu pizza night. Last, the patio offers some peace and quiet when life feels too fast and overwhelming—a welcome place to decompress.

  • Fire features: You will most likely never tire of a warm fire pit or majestic fireplace. Made of complementary textured and colored materials to your patio, if you wish, a fire pit has the advantage of being able to fit into almost any landscape, while you may prefer an outdoor fireplace for its expansive, majestic looks. Either choice gives you the ability to head outside and light the fire whenever you want. This is a highly enjoyable option, particularly when you can plan to have a wood-burning fire feature that evokes happy memories of growing up or the convenience of a gas-powered fire at the touch of a button.

  • Retaining walls: While a retaining wall is often associated with remedying an erosion problem, homeowners may choose to have their mason build a retaining wall to define an outdoor living space. It might be a retaining wall that follows a curve in the backyard to bring attention to a particular space. Added to the retaining wall can be a soothing water spout or multiple spouts that spill into a stone basin. With pretty flowers to bring out the additional color, this retaining wall can become a focal point in the landscape. A retaining wall can be the perfect way to add privacy to a patio, fireplace, and outdoor kitchen. Positioned at the ideal height, the wall can also increase seating for larger groups and add serving space for snacks and drinks.

  • Steps: While not all steps are glamorous, they do increase the ease with which you can move about your landscape. Your masonry contractor can design stone steps to make transitions between outdoor spaces smooth and easier to navigate. With flat stone treads and hefty wall stone to form the sides, masonry steps are built to be long-lasting and can add significant interest to your landscape. When your landscaper adds attractive plants to the sides of the steps, the result is incredibly pretty.


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