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3 Ideas for Backyard Pools That Will Get You Excited for Warm Weather in Bedford and Scarsdale, NY

3 Ideas for Backyard Pools That Will Get You Excited for Warm Weather in New York

Now could be the time to get excited for a pool in your Bedford and Scarsdale, NY, landscape. Plan now and then by the time warm weather returns, you will be close to spending amazing days outside swimming and enjoying the sun. These ideas for backyard pools could help bring you closer to a custom pool space of your own.

Planning Out the Pool Itself

A pool would offer many benefits to you and your family. While swimming in the summertime is an obvious benefit, you can also use the pool for regular exercise. Swimming is an excellent way to exercise for all ages. The water supports your joints, and the aerobic exercise can have a beneficial effect on your overall health. If exercise is a priority, the size and shape of the pool will matter for being able to take long laps. Or you may find that you will be more of a laid-back user of a swimming pool, and you want areas in your pool that are specific to sitting and relaxing, such as a Baja shelf.

Considering the Pool Surroundings

As for the area surrounding your swimming pool, you may want to consider a custom pool deck of non-slip pavers. The colors and shapes of these pavers can be mixed and matched to create a unique pool deck with ample room for tables and lounge chairs.

Consider adding a series of waterspouts that spill into one side of the pool. These can be part of a low retaining wall on one side that is home to three spouts where water falls to create a sort of secret hideaway for the kids and gives your pool space the sight and sounds of a water feature. When no one is swimming, you can simply relax by the pool and enjoy the soothing sounds of spilling water.

Some homeowners love to add a slide to the pool. You can choose a curving slide, one that spills straight into the water, or a slide that comes out of landscape boulders for a dramatic exit.

Introducing Some Shade

Although swimming in the warm summer sun can be delightful, there are times when you need some shade to cool off. Here are two exceptional ways to add shade to your pool space.

Pergolas: Adding a pergola over the shallow end of the pool can let the little ones play there without burning up in the hot sun. This is also a nice addition for the adults who like to sit by the water and soak up the sun without the hottest rays making them feel too warm.

If you want, your landscape professionals can add a waterfall to the outer edge of the pergola so that it spills into the pool for a sheer wall of water.

Cabanas: A nearby cabana can offer full shade from the sun and give you a spot to add a small kitchen for snacks and cold drinks. There you can have loungers for relaxing and ceiling fans to keep the cabana cool.

You can also add picnic tables for the kids to have lunch and keep the mess outside. Incorporating a bathroom offers a spot to change clothes and use the restroom without tracking water into the house.

With all the possible amenities that can make your backyard pool so much fun, the summer days will be full of outdoor enjoyment.


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