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How Long Does a Pool Installation Take Near Me in the Armonk and Scarsdale, NY, Areas?

How Long Does a Pool Installation Take Near Me in the Armonk and Scarsdale, NY, Areas?

Once you have agreed on the design of your Armonk and Scarsdale, NY, area pool, it is time to have your dream swimming space constructed. How long does a pool installation near me take? The time can vary depending on several factors.

Time of Year

The time of year that you choose to have a pool installed can determine the length of time needed for installation. The colder months tend to be less busy for a pool installation while the spring and summer are usually prime time for adding pools to a landscape.

Pool Logistics

There is a general progression of installing a pool in your landscape. Remember that the process may not just be about the pool itself, but may entail including a pool deck or patio, a cabana, an outdoor kitchen, and other landscape features.

Pool permit: The permitting process allows the excavation and actual pool installation to take place. Getting this finalized can take anywhere from one week up to four, depending on the time of the year. The permit office gets just as busy as the pool contractor, so planning for additional time around the permitting process is usually advisable.

Excavation: Excavation for an inground pool can take a couple of weeks and will prevent access to your landscape while the work is being done. Depending on the size and depth of your pool, the pool contractor will need to dig over 8 feet into the ground.

Trenches will provide space for the pool plumbing set-up and connection to pump and filtration systems.

Pool interior structure: The pool can be made of gunite, fiberglass, or vinyl. The pool interior is based on the type of pool you prefer:

  • A vinyl pool has a concrete floor, steel or some other strong material for the walls, and vinyl over the structure.

  • A fiberglass pool is a shell in the shape you have selected. The shell may arrive intact on a truck and is lowered into the ground with a crane.

  • A gunite pool is usually considered the most expensive pool structure. The entire interior of the pool is built on-site and may need at least 30 days to cure before any other finish can happen.

Pool deck: Building the pool deck can take up to five weeks, depending on how deep the pool deck is and whether you have chosen other adjoining outdoor features. Often the outdoor kitchen, cabana, and outdoor dining space are designed to have the same pavers as the pool deck.

However, there are no rules when you are investing in a custom landscape project. You could mix and match styles and sizes. Your landscape and pool contractor can lay them in any design and accent border to give your pool space a unique look.

Pool finishes: Once your pool is installed, your landscapers can finish the surrounding landscaping to complement the appearance of your pool space. They can use trees, shrubs, flowers, and outdoor lighting to create a personal oasis in your backyard.

A pool is a significant investment but one that a skilled landscape and pool contractor can help you plan so that you can enjoy the sunniest days of the year in the water.


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