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3 Landscape Design Ideas That Make Backyard Pools More Showstopping in Scarsdale, NY

3 Landscape Design Ideas That Make Backyard Pools More Showstopping in Scarsdale, NY

When your Scarsdale, NY, swimming pool area needs some sprucing up, a fresh landscape design can do the trick. These landscape design ideas for backyard pools can take your outdoor space from good to “Oh, wow!”

An Expansive Pool Deck

Something every pool area needs can be a place to relax when you are done swimming and for those who prefer to watch the splashing fun. The key to relaxation can be an expansive deck or a paver patio.

An expansive pool deck can be the solution when your landscape has a slope that leads down to the pool space. Having the ability to walk out of the back door and see the kids and their friends playing and splashing in the water can be delightful.

A custom designed and installed deck could be the ideal answer to your need for a great place to oversee the swimming pool. Your landscape professionals can add the right size deck for placing comfortable outdoor couches and chairs where your guests can still be part of the outdoor fun. When you include space for outdoor dining, manning the grill can be a breeze since everything you need is close by.

Wide steps leading to the pool can offer a safe and comfortable way to go up and down. The pool deck, or paver patio, could be made to be both beautiful and durable. Since the pavers can be mixed and matched to create a custom design, your paver patio won’t look like any other.

Within the paver patio design, your landscapers can use contrasting color and sized pavers to designate the various spaces. One area can be home to the outdoor dining table while another holds the outdoor furniture. By varying the laying patterns within the patio, your patio can visually cue your guests to a new functional space.

The use of wide, deep stone steps on one or more sides can create a cohesive space that includes the pool area.

Paver Walkways

While a walkway might not seem consequential, this outdoor area can offer you and your guests a safe, level place to walk to access any portion of the backyard. Many homeowners today love the four-foot wide walkways that allow multiple people to walk side by side.

This width can increase the safety of the movement about various spaces and visually connect the patio or deck with the pool. Spaces that look and feel connected can make your backyard have a seamless appeal.

Landscape Lighting

Let landscape lighting be the finishing touch to your outdoor pool and living spaces. When your landscapers design and install a landscape lighting system, the way you use these spaces can change. Knowing you can spend more time on your deck or paver patio while the kids continue to swim into the late evening can bring a level of unmatched relaxation.

With illumination that shines on the patio, walkways, and pool space, the ease of moving from one place to another can be a crucial improvement in the function of your landscape design, making your outdoor spaces timeless.


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