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3 Landscaping Ideas for a Larchmont, NY Area, Home on a Hill

3 Landscaping Ideas for a Larchmont, NY Area, Home on a Hill

Having a Larchmont, NY, home on a hill can present any number of challenges, from drainage issues to lack of space and an inability to mow properly. The following landscaping ideas can make this area of your property more functional and attractive.

How a Retaining Wall Can Help

If you have ever driven around the countryside and seen walls of field stone stacked one on top of the other, you know how lovely a retaining wall can look in a landscape. The good news is that your landscape team can bring that level of attractiveness to an otherwise difficult part of your landscape.

A retaining wall can sit at the base of the hill to hold back the slope. This wall can be designed and built to address any drainage issues your landscaping experiences from the slope. When d drainage holes are built into the retaining wall, the water that pours down the hill during every rainstorm can seep through the drain holes. No longer will you have to deal with leftover debris and erosion since the wall can remedy that problem.

You can choose the wall stone you love for a stacked stone look or you could choose a more geometric wall stone for a more symmetrical finish. Your landscape contractor can work with you to recommend the ideal height to complement your landscape and make the retaining wall effective.

Landscaping for a Slope

While planting on a slope can be hard, if not impossible, once the retaining wall has been built, landscaping this outdoor space can be so much easier. Along with designing and constructing the retaining wall, landscape professionals can also develop a gorgeous landscape plan.

Depending on your home style and architecture, you might love the idea of adding huge landscape boulders to the space above the retaining wall for a naturalistic look. Your landscapers can plant ground cover and ornamental grasses around the rock.

When landscape professionals add perennial flowers and plants to the slope, you can have something growing and blooming there for most of the year.

The base of the slope can be ideal for growing grass since you will no longer have to worry about the seed washing away or not germinating because of the weird angle of the hill. A bonus can be that the area at the bottom of the retaining wall can be leveled for a flat space to have sod installed.

If you prefer, your landscape professionals can add trees to the top of the slope at the wall. When they plant ornamental trees that don’t grow too tall in a symmetrical planting plan, this can appeal to your order-loving heart.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can be the finishing touch you need to make your sloped area show up after dark. Having your landscape professionals introduce gentle wash lighting that casts a soft glow on the stone surface can highlight the nooks and crannies of the material.

The shadows can be pronounced, drawing attention to the gorgeous texture of the stone and the placement of each slab. When the retaining wall is illuminated along with the rest of the outdoor space, what was once a problem can now be a delightful focal point in your outdoor space.


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