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Need Landscaping Ideas? Check Out These Pro Tips for Planning a Landscape Design in Bedford, NY

Need Landscaping Ideas? Check Out These Pro Tips for Planning a Landscape Design in Bedford, NY

Before you hire landscape design professionals to help you think through your Bedford, NY, landscaping project, are you wondering what the discussions will include? These pro tips for planning a landscape can help you understand the process involved in a landscape design—the kind that will produce a swoon-worthy outdoor space.

Landscape Entries

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your landscape design professionals can make sure it’s always stunning. The entry to your property can be transformed. Consider a sweeping, curved retaining wall in classic brick, which can complement any property, modern to traditional. The graceful arc of the retaining wall that points to your home can be a visual welcome to your guests. When the retaining wall pillars are topped with dramatic lanterns, this illumination will make finding your home after dark easy.

Front Yard Definition

When you want to define your front yard space, your landscape professionals can continue the retaining wall along the front of the property to clarify the boundaries while also introducing more privacy to your front yard. Or you could consider a lovely wrought iron fence or aluminum atop the retaining wall, which would allow your home to be seen from the road while limiting who may enter.

The look of black iron contrasted with the stone or brick retaining wall can add unique beauty to your landscape. The retaining wall can be the ideal place for an address marker or oversize house numbers.

Paver Driveway

Your landscapers can create a fresh driveway surface with similar paver colors and shapes that would blend with the retaining wall for a seamless entry. Included in the driveway design can be contrasting bands to define the surface and a specific laying pattern that leads guests to your home.

Landscape Planting

Your landscapers can plan a design for adding mature tree varieties to the front entry that draw the eye into the yard. Both behind and in front of the retaining wall can be perfect spots for a symmetrical row of trees.

Outside the retaining wall, they can add blooming shrubs, colorful flowers, and bold, green groundcover to keep your entry looking amazing throughout the seasons. Within the landscape, you can have cultivated landscape beds that add more living beauty to the front yard.

Water Features

Another special addition to your front yard landscaping can be a water fountain. The ideal place to incorporate a water fountain in a circular driveway could be in the center of the circle. You can choose a fountain that spills over and splashes into the stone below for a delightful focal feature.

A traditional driveway can also benefit from the addition of a water fountain. Your landscapers can place an oversize urn in a landscape bed that connects the driveway to the walkway. Imagine the surprise your guests will receive as they walk from parking their car to making their way to your front door. The sounds of spilling water can be delightfully unexpected and soothing.

Whether you have clear ideas of the landscape design you want or you have no ideas at all, skilled landscape professionals can bring any vision to life.


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