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3 Masonry Features to Make Your Landscape Pop This Fall in Rye and Chappaqua, NY

3 Masonry Features to Make Your Landscape Pop This Fall in Rye and Chappaqua, NY

Inviting masonry features can make your Rye and Chappaqua, NY, landscape pop with their weighty but natural looking appearance. Bring beauty and function to your outdoor spaces with these gorgeous masonry ideas.

Patio with Covered Pergola

When your landscaper creates a beautiful, durable paver patio as the base for custom masonry features, you can have an outdoor living area that suits all your needs. If you choose a slate-toned patio paver that is placed in a carefully curated pattern, the patio floor can form the backdrop for other masonry choices.

Wall stone that echoes the color scheme of the paver patio can form a privacy enclosure around the perimeter of your space. A retaining wall for privacy has become a top choice among many homeowners for extra seating.

When your landscapers coordinate the wall stone with the pavers, this can create a uniform aesthetic. If you prefer a retaining wall that stands out more, you can choose a contrasting stone to lend a visual difference. Topped with a flat capstone or slate, this even surface can offer more serving space, too.

A pergola supported on custom stone bases on one end of the patio can offer shade on a hot day. Relaxing on comfortable furniture in the dappled shade can create a mini oasis for you and your guests.

Outdoor Kitchen

Extending the retaining wall into an “L” at one point can open up room for a grill station or outdoor kitchen. With granite countertops for food prep and seats on one side for eating delicious food, this can be a great spot for family barbeques.

If you want a full outdoor kitchen, your landscapers can add a sink, a refrigerator, and a cooktop. With plenty of storage space beneath the counters, you can have a place to keep your serving dishes, cups, and utensils for convenient use.

Outdoor Dining Area

When you want to have a designated dining area, your landscapers can add a central design for a pretty flourish and a unique look. Contrasting patio pavers can indicate the new function of the space, and a table and chairs set can act as the perfect finishing touch.

When you really want to set off the outdoor dining area, consider elevating it. If you need them, steps can make the transition between the two spaces, and you can choose a different patio paver for this spot.

Covering the dining area with a cabana-style roof or another pergola can bring much-needed shade to the dining space in the summer while protecting it from rain, too.

Outdoor features can help you echo the beauty of nature through the strategic use of stone and wood, while the paver floors give you a durable, non-slip surface for any activity. Masonry features are versatile in terms of their functionality.

Well-planned and crafted masonry walls, columns, and pergola bases can form the ideal backdrop for cushioned furniture that provides relaxation. Your landscapers can place oversized pots of floral and greenery beauty around the patio for pops of living, seasonal color.

They can customize the patio to your preference for an outdoor living space that adds luxurious beauty that you can see from inside the house and outside when you’re enjoying your beautiful yard.


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