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What Pool Installation Companies Near Me in Irvington and Larchmont, NY, Suggest for Pool Designs

Pool Installation Near Me Larchmont & Irvington, NY - Inground Pool, Backyard Pools Irvington NY

Now could be the ideal time to think about a new pool design for your Irvington and Larchmont, NY, landscape. As you look around for “pool installation companies near me,” here are a few fresh pool plan ideas to consider.

Assess the Space

Your landscapers will assess the available space to determine the size and shape possibilities for your swimming pool. To some degree, the space can influence the pool plan but a talented landscape team can maximize how the land accommodates your pool.

Consider Geometric Pool Ideas

If your home is modern with prominent lines and angles, you may want to echo those shapes in the swimming pool design. A rectangular pool can form the main shape of your pool while another shape could designate areas where the water gets deeper. From the pool deck, steps could provide the transition from one area to the next.

A circular pool pool shape could contrast beautifully with the angles and corners of any home style. One of the benefits of a circular pool can be that the steps can span the entire circumference to give easy access for a large group.

Or you may prefer a square pool, which is a flexible option. Imagine a gorgeous pool deck of pavers surrounding your pool where you can lounge after an invigorating swim.

Opt for a Custom Pool Design

When your backyard is expansive or quite small, this can be the ideal time to have your landscape service design a custom pool that is curated to fit your unique landscape. Some custom pool designs follow the terrain such as if your pool will be on a slope and the shallow end could be at the top of the slope.

Sometimes it is appropriate for the custom pool to be situated in an area of the yard that requires walkways to access while in other situations, it may be preferred to have the pool start right fairly close to the back door. Because they design and build pools regularly, your landscapers can be trusted for ideas and judgment.

Add Some Waterfalls

Planning a swimming pool is in itself an exciting addition but when your landscapers add waterfalls to one edge, the spilling water adds a sensory element to your pool design. For the swimmers in your life, the fountains can be fun for hide and seek and other water games. Then, when you just want to spend time in your backyard winding down from a busy day, the waterfalls will provide a soothing, calming sound that echoes through the landscape.

Include Some Fire

Fire and water can be one of the most natural combinations. Your landscaper can add fire bowls at intervals around the pool for special night time drama and a full outdoor fireplace or fire pit so you can sit around the fire for a perfect end to the day.

Experienced landscapers can put the right elements together for your swimming pool design so you are ready for next summer’s warm days. You may find that a custom pool, spilling water, and warm fire are the combination you need for a dazzling pool space.


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