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5 Reasons Why Backyard Pools Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable in Irvington and Larchmont, NY

5 Reasons Why Backyard Pools Make Outdoor Living More Enjoyable in Irvington and Larchmont, NY

When the sun is shining and the sky is blue, heading to your Irvington and Larchmont, NY, backyard pool can be the formula for an amazing summer day. Consider the many reasons why backyards pools can be considered the ultimate outdoor living feature.

A Place to Exercise

There are some days when you want to exercise but you don’t feel like driving to the gym. Your new backyard pool can be the perfect place to work in a type of exercise that can potentially enhance your mental and physical health.

A backyard pool offers an opportunity to swim laps during prime workout times—early in the morning or in the evening—or really anytime you like. Swimming laps can boost your overall health while being easy on your joints. You can also use an app to do water aerobics and add weights for water walking.

Your kids can also benefit from this great exercise option. There are water exercises and activities for the whole family to enjoy together while in the pool.

Offers a Space for Entertaining

Few people say no when invited to a pool party. The swimming pool can keep all ages active and busy having fun in the water. It could give grandparents a reason to stop by, and help the little ones float as they learn to swim.

Cabana: When you add a cabana to your backyard pool area, you can have a spot where swimmers and non-swimmers can go to cool off and rest for a bit. Since a cabana has a roof, this shaded space can offer additional room for lounge chairs and ceiling fans to keep the cool air flowing.

Outdoor kitchen: Your landscapers can add an outdoor kitchen to the cabana space or designate a unique space just for cooking your favorite foods. Adding an outdoor kitchen to the backyard pool design can give you a place to keep cold drinks, extra ice, and plenty of snacks for hungry swimmers. Plus, when mealtime rolls around, everyone can stay put and enjoy juicy burgers straight from the grill.


Everyone needs a spot where they can head outside and relax after a stressful day. In today’s world, having some downtime to slow your pace can be invaluable. Even the kids need a place to burn off energy and stress.

Increases the Beauty of the Landscape

When you gaze on your backyard from inside the house, seeing your sparkling pool there can lift your spirits. The gently rippling water and paver pool deck can make looking out on the backyard a thing of pleasure.


Your landscapers can increase the privacy you have for your backyard pool with a living screen of evergreens, for year-round beauty. You can also choose a privacy fence in a lattice design so that you don’t lose access to the breezes but do gain the secluded space you want for swimming.

With gorgeous and perfectly placed trees for some shade and landscaped beds that surround your pool space, your transformed landscape will make it so you can fully enjoy the unbeatable combination of water, nature, and sun. This can make your backyard pool the place you will want to spend most of your time with the ones you love.


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