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The Best Way to Give Shade to Backyard Pools in Bedford and Briarcliff Manor, NY

The Best Way to Give Shade to Backyard Pools

While Bedford and Briarcliff Manor, NY, backyard pools certainly need sunshine, you also need some shade for relief from the heat of the day. Here are some of the best ways to give shade to your pool area.

Pergola Toward the Shallow End

Many homeowners have learned the benefits of adding a pergola toward the shallow end of the pool. Some of the shade can make its way to the pool for the little ones, and it’ll give you some relief from the hottest rays of the sun as you keep watch on your young swimmers.

For even more fun, you could consider having a waterfall spill over the edge into this area of the pool. This combination could provide cooling water with some mottled shade.

Cool Cabana

Having a cabana near the pool can offer a space that eliminates the sun’s rays completely with its full roof. The floor can be composed of the same pavers as the pool deck for a seamless outdoor living area.

The roof of the cabana could rest on hefty wood posts and stone bases that complement the paver floor. Perhaps the roof is built in a gable-style for an open and airy feeling. The roof also allows you to have ceiling fans for cooling breezes and lighting to let you spend more time there even after the sun sets.

It can be helpful when the cabana has lounge chairs and a table with chairs for eating a quick lunch or snacks. With the added shade, your guests who don’t want to swim but still wish to join in the fun can spend some time by the pool, too.

When your landscaper adds an outdoor kitchen to the cabana, you won’t have to go inside the house to prepare a meal or snack since everything you need will be conveniently at hand. If you want to barbeque some burgers and hotdogs, you can have a grill at the ready.

A refrigerator can hold cold drinks for hot days and all the condiments and sides for your barbeque. With a deep sink that can accommodate the entire cleanup and a dishwasher for the dishes and utensils, you can sit down and visit with your guests after a delicious meal.

Your landscaper can make the outdoor kitchen as simple or deluxe as you wish. Adding a pizza oven can let everyone make their own pizzas to enjoy. An ice machine can provide all the ice you need for the entire swim day or for any party or holiday celebration.

Living Screen

A living screen can be deciduous trees or evergreen trees that can be planted in a line or staggered to screen the sun. Because these trees are meant to block some of the rays of the sun but not cover the pool, they can also act as a privacy screen from the neighbors.

You likely would want a screen that will not drop leaves into your pool, and an experienced landscaper can help you choose the ideal varieties to accomplish the shade you want. A living screen can look especially lovely when composed of evergreens since they keep their leaves in winter and can add some color in the barren landscape.


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