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A Look at Services and Materials Provided by Experienced Masonry Contractors in the Armonk, NY, Area

A Look at Services and Materials Provided by Experienced Masonry Contractors in the Armonk, NY, Area

Masonry features can greatly elevate the look and function of your Armonk, NY, area landscape. Take a look at the services and materials experienced masonry contractors use to create lovely outdoor living spaces.

Paver Patios

A paver patio can form the foundation of an outdoor living space that serves as your favorite spot for morning coffee and where you love to end the day. Premium patio pavers are durable and can stand up to the highest foot traffic with no visible wear and tear.

These pavers won’t fade or lose their color over time, nor will they crack or crumble in the Armonk winters. You can feel confident they will look just as lovely in five years as they did when the installation of the pavers was completed.

Patio pavers can come in multiple sizes and styles for you to customize your patio in any way you prefer. An experienced masonry contractor can recommend ways to personalize your patio, too.

Another option is natural stone for the patio, for a truly unique appearance. Stone comes in earthy color tones of tan, gray, and mottled with green.

You can glean from the masonry contractor’s expertise as they help you choose the ideal material for your landscape.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall can hold back the earth in a slope that causes erosion problems in your property or prevents you from using a large portion of your property. Made of natural stone or wall blocks, this retaining wall could transform the functionality of your outdoor spaces while also potentially remedying the water problems that have prevented you from using your yard the way you want.

A retaining wall can also form the perimeter of the paver or stone patio. Adding a retaining wall there can increase the privacy and seclusion of your patio, giving you more comfort as you enjoy time outside.

Since a retaining wall can have various heights in the same structure, a masonry contractor can recommend ways to utilize the wall to maximize its function. You can have them add a water spout to a tall wall section for the delightful addition of spilling water to your patio area. There are so many ways to customize a retaining wall that yours will not look like any other retaining wall, contributing a unique and attractive feature to your outdoor spaces.

Fire Features

As you work with a masonry contractor to design a gorgeous patio, you may also want to discuss adding an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to the plan. This masonry feature, which can be made of wall blocks, can be a stand-alone element or part of the overall patio, but whatever you choose, you will be delighted when you can light a fire on a cool evening.

With ample seating space in front and around the fire feature, this can become one of your favorite masonry additions. The ambient glow and flickering flames can transform how much time you want to spend in your outdoor space.

Skilled masonry contractors have ample access to pavers, natural stone, and many other materials to create all the outdoor living structures you want to offer space to relax and entertain to your heart’s content. When you want a fresh backyard space that serves your needs perfectly, this is the job of a masonry contractor.


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