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What Masonry Materials Are Best for a Front Entry in Briarcliff Manor and Bedford, NY?

What Masonry Materials Are Best for a Front Entry in Briarcliff Manor and Bedford, NY?

The front of your home can be a crucial part of the interest and beauty of your Manor and Bedford, NY, landscape, so you may likely want to select the best masonry materials for creating durable, lovely surfaces and surroundings. If you are not sure what masonry materials are best for this outdoor space, your landscape contractor can guide you, and you may benefit from the following recommendations as well.

The Use of the Front Walkway

A natural stone walkway or stairs that look as though they have been of natural stone can be crafted to withstand the test of time and remain gorgeous. This concept can make the front-yard route from cars to your front door a high priority for using a particularly eye-catching masonry material. You will want to make the best impression on your friends and family as they arrive. A lovely masonry surface can do that while also complementing the appearance of your house.

Walkway pavers can be an ideal selection for a walkway as they are manufactured to withstand the freeze/thaw cycles of the harsh Briarcliff Manor and Bedford, NY, winters, and they will not fade in the hot summer sun. Walkway pavers are available in an authentic-looking old-world cobblestone, symmetrical flagstone, and traditional styles that resemble red brick.

Natural stone is durable and retains its color for many years, having been honed by nature. Bluestone or earth-tone stone in gentle shades that come from nature can incorporate the textural interest and irregularities that make natural stone distinct in your landscape. Anchored with mortar, the natural stone for a wall surrounding the walkway can look entirely different depending on the color tones.

Laying Patterns

The laying patterns you consider can accomplish specific goals in your front yard landscape. A masonry professional can design and install a laying pattern that creates movement toward your front door. The subtle pattern can encourage people to follow the walkway to your front door.

Another way the laying pattern can influence the movement in the front yard can be if you have a water fountain included in the changes to your front yard landscape. A subtle shift in the laying pattern or a line of accent pavers can signal to your guests that something special is coming up.

Borders and Designs

As you contemplate how the front yard should look and function, consider the way borders in contrasting tones can add definition to specific spaces within the main front yard walkway.

You may prefer the look of a walkway that ends with a massive circular space filled with a unique design in the center. This can be a logical area for the walkway to shift direction from being parallel to your house to aiming toward the front door.

Mixing Materials

A question that can come up as you work with masonry professionals to create the front entry of your dreams is whether they suggest mixing materials? Different colored and different styles of pavers, for example.

With so many ways to utilize stone and pavers for your front yard space, the possibilities can be endless.


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