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More Functional Landscaping Is Possible With These 3 Masonry Options in the Armonk, NY, Area

More Functional Landscaping Is Possible With These 3 Masonry Options in the Armonk, NY, Area

Expert masonry in Armonk, NY, landscaping can be beautiful but also functional so that you can get more out of your outdoor spaces day after day. These are some examples of masonry options that would bring out both form and function in an overall landscape design.

Why Use Masonry in Landscaping?

Expert masonry is beautiful to admire, whether you want a natural stone walkway or a driveway made of pavers that resemble a cobblestone street. Beyond the beauty factor, specially crafted masonry, such as retaining walls and walkways, is often chosen primarily to serve a critical function amid expansive lawns. They can be specifically built to, in the case of retaining walls, prevent erosion and provide barriers, or, with walkways, simply show guests where you want them to go.


Walkways not only give you a clear and safe space to traverse your outdoor spaces; they also present an opportunity to get creative, if you’d prefer a whimsical stepping stone path from your back door or a winding way to go from your paver driveway to your front porch.

Some walkway options can actually accentuate your landscaping. For instance, a paver walkway amid beautiful flower beds can produce a subtle effect, or a dramatic effect can be achieved by the choice of light colored field pavers contrasted by dark black accent pavers.

Walkways can also preserve the integrity of your landscaping. Their clear distinctions encourage people to avoid stepping on your grass or landscape beds while providing clear, even walking areas for you, your family, and your guests. A walkway gives the children and older adults in your life a way to safely enjoy your outdoor space.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be stunning additions to your landscape design. You can select many materials to create a masterpiece that looks like it was built of natural stone but is really made of manufactured wall blocks.

In general, however, retaining walls are usually built to serve one function—to hold back soil and in other cases to offer extra seating to occasional guests of outdoor parties. They could also serve as resting spaces for snacks and drinks, or they become the perfect places to put potted, colorful plantings on display.

A retaining wall also provides a place for outdoor lighting. For warm ambiance, the recesses created by the stonework could be an ideal nook for small, subtle lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Kitchen

From afar, an outdoor kitchen could be an attractive focal point in your overall landscape design, but up close, it will likely be the most functional landscape feature you own. Flanked by beautiful granite countertops, a state-of-the-art grill can beckon you to cook more often, and enjoy the fresh air while you do so.

Nearby on the paver patio could be a fire pit that keeps your family warm while they await your culinary creations. Make this area even more functional with the addition of a pizza oven, and you’ll never have to wonder what is for dinner again.

When night falls and the moon shines, task lighting can guide your way as you assemble dessert, and then the glow of the fire pit could be the only inspiration your family needs to keep the conversation going.


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