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Backyard Pools: Styles, Shapes, and Other Options to Consider in the Briarcliff Manor, NY Area

Backyard Pools: Styles, Shapes, and Other Options to Consider in the Briarcliff Manor, NY Area

Backyard pools have their own unique view—they do not have to all look the same. That is why working with landscape professionals can help you envision the pool size and shape for your Briarcliff Manor, NY, area backyard. The following options could be your inspiration for a dreamy, personalized pool space that breaks away from the usual rectangle.

Factors in Pool Shapes, Sizes, and Features

One of the primary factors in your pool’s shape and size can be the space available in the backyard, and the way the land slopes can also influence the dimensions. Most homes are within areas where there might be municipal regulations and zoning requirements that can affect how the overall pool can look and where it is situated.

Other considerations can be the architectural style of your home’s exterior since most homeowners want to have a pool space built that complements their home style for a unified outdoor space. Tall trees can also influence where your pool is placed since having a pool usually means you want it in full sun.

A Rectangular Pool For a Zen Space

When you intend for your swimming pool to contribute to the calm aesthetic of your backyard landscape, a rectangular long pool could be the right choice. This shape can echo a reflecting pool within a zen garden.

When you are not swimming, the unmoving pool surface can reflect the overhead clouds and swaying trees for a soothing feeling as you sit on a nearby lounge chair. You might love the idea of having your landscape professionals add some spouts to the pool edges so that your pool can function like a water feature with the sounds of spilling water.

A Round Pool Shape

A round pool can quickly draw the eye to the backyard since it is different and noteworthy. When your landscape professionals add a wide pool deck in naturalistic stone, the pool will become a focal feature of the landscape.

You could have the round shape of the pool echoed in a round, covered pavilion nearby to offer shade on a hot day. Mimicking the circular design of the swimming pool can create a symmetrical look that is pleasing to the eye.

Finish off this outdoor pool space with a circular fire pit nearby the pool and pavilion. While the fire pit does not need to be connected to the pool or pavilion, it can be accessed by a stepping stone path.

The Kidney-Shaped Pool

One of the most appealing details of the kidney-shaped pool might be the gentle curves it brings to your backyard landscape. This pool can work well with any home style and exterior architecture due to the gradual curves that can feel both modern and traditional.

Your landscape contractor can point the arcing side of the kidney-shaped pool toward a gorgeous view or another body of water like a lake. Visually, this takes the eye to something worth seeing in the backyard.

A Custom Pool Shape

Working with landscape professionals on a custom pool shape can maximize the use of available space in the backyard. This can be an ideal solution for an unusually shaped yard—or simply because you want a pool that is uniquely yours.


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