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Dive Into Summer Fun With an Inground Pool in Armonk, NY

Dive Into Summer Fun With an Inground Pool in Armonk, NY

It may not be too late to dive into summer with a custom inground pool for your Armonk, NY, property. Even after the official summer ends, you can still enjoy your swimming pool well into the fall, when the weather cooperates.

Benefits of an Inground Pool

Adding an inground pool to your backyard can dramatically increase the amount of time you spend together as a family. Think of the sunny days that you are looking for something to do as a group and how having a swimming pool in your yard can make enjoying outdoor fun more convenient.

Another primary benefit to an inground pool can be having a place to exercise whenever it fits into your schedule. Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your weight and heart health, not to mention strengthening your muscles and bones. You can swim laps when it fits into your day and be glad your kids have swimming to keep them occupied in the long summer days.

There's an unexpected additional benefit to an inground pool in your backyard: This activity can also reduce the amount of time you and your family spend on digital media. Laughing and swimming together can help you bond with each other as you spend less time looking at phones, TV, and video games.

Enhancing Your Inground Pool

Enhance your inground pool with added outdoor features that can increase your enjoyment of this outdoor space. Adding even one of the recommended features can offer more functional spaces in your backyard for spending time with family and friends.

Covered cabana: If you have older family members who would love to delight in your swimming pool but cannot endure the strong sun, a covered cabana can allow them to be part of the family time, too. As your landscape team plans your swimming pool deck, they can extend one of the shorter ends for a covered space with the same durable, beautiful pool deck pavers to unify the cabana or pavilion with the pool area.

Adding oversized columns to the covered cabana can make this space feel like its own unique area. The covering supplied by the roof can protect your guests from the hottest sun’s rays and rain in the event that an afternoon shower pops up.

Outdoor kitchen: An outdoor kitchen can inhabit its own space or become part of the covered cabana. This can be an excellent addition with a refrigerator to hold cold drinks, and a cooktop and grill for outdoor barbeques.

When your landscape team adds a pizza oven and an ice maker, you can let everyone make their own pizzas and finish with cool, delicious snow cones.

Outdoor fireplace: An outdoor fireplace can finish your pool space perfectly. Imagine the end of a wonderful pool day where you and your guests are relaxing with your feet up by the outdoor fireplace. The warmth can feel amazing even on a warm summer evening, and the kids can roast marshmallows over the open fire. This is what lasting memories are made of—you can collect them and then look back with thankfulness on these days again and again.


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