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Be Inspired By These Landscaping Ideas in the Larchmont, NY, Area

Be Inspired By These Landscaping Ideas in the Larchmont, NY, Area

To go from the front yard to the backyard in your Larchmont, NY, area landscape, do you have to walk through the house since there is no clear path? Be inspired by these landscaping ideas to refresh your property and create functional movement from one area to the next.

New Walkways

Imagine how easy and convenient it would be to move from parking your car and walking to the backyard to take barbeque supplies directly to the grill when you have a wide paver walkway in a gorgeous landscape design. If your home has a traditional exterior, your landscape professionals can echo those brick colors and shapes with a walkway paver to tie the two details together.

For contrast, they can edge the walkway with a different walkway paver to create a unique pattern just for your landscape. Modern walkways tend to be 4 feet wide, which can make walking with other people comfortable and easy. Your guests can chat with one another as they make their way from the parking area in front of the house to the new patio in the backyard.

Connect to a New Patio

Imagine the surprise of your guests when they round the corner of the house and see a lovely custom paver patio with the same paver style as the walkway. These two spaces can be perfectly blended with the same color tones and paver selections for a unified appearance.

The patio can be at ground level or a step or two up, depending on the way your terrain sits. Either way, a paver patio can be the spot where you host your friends and family on pleasant summer evenings with a light dinner and drinks.

Adding an outdoor dining space can lend more seating and a designated area for enjoying a take-out meal or hamburgers cooked on the grill. This space can be integrated as part of the patio, or it can have its own area in an extended side of the patio. Consider adding an eye-catching pergola over the outdoor dining space to filter some of the late day sun and add a vertical element to your patio design. The sturdy wood posts and overhead beams can look elegant and help to connect the patio area with the surrounding natural world.

Incorporating a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can take your paver patio to the next level. Think of how amazing it would be to light a fire after dinner and chat leisurely while you catch up with one another’s lives. A warm fire feature is not only for the cool days, but for anytime you feel like lighting the fire for the cozy atmosphere it brings to your outdoor spaces.

Finish with Landscape Plantings and Lighting

The finishing landscaping touch for your new paver walkway and patio can be verdant plants and shrubs to add life to your new outdoor spaces. From colorful perennial flowers to the distinct colors of seasonal annual flowers, a landscape contractor can ensure your entire property looks great all year.

Landscape lighting can be the element that allows you to remain outside longer into the evening, enjoying your new living spaces. As the sun sets, the lights hidden discreetly in the landscape beds and overhead in the pergola can turn on automatically for a magical finish to the day.


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