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Beat the Dog Days of Summer with These Inground Pool Ideas in Scarsdale and Bedford, NY

Inground Pool Scarsdale NY - Beat The Dog Days Of Summer With These Ideas in Bedford, NY

There is still plenty of swimming time left as you attempt to beat the dog days of summer and contemplate how life can be even better by making changes to your Scarsdale and Bedford, NY, landscape. You may conclude that you could greatly extend the time you can spend outside during the hottest days of the year with a gorgeous, custom inground pool in Bedford, NY. Here are some options to consider.

Inground Pool and Retaining Wall

When you have a sloping backyard, don’t despair—landscape specialists can create the pool of your dreams with a custom pool and retaining wall combination. They could start with a stone retaining wall at the base of the slope to anchor the soil and provide a place to build steps to access the pool.

A retaining wall can be constructed of wall stone in the same or similar color and texture as the pool deck pavers for a unified appearance. Within the wall can be deep stone steps that provide a safe, walkable way to access the pool at the top of the slope.

Among your pool deck could be a cabana built for a shade that could perhaps include a small kitchen with cold drinks and snacks.

Sunken Inground Pool

Another slope solution could involve skilled landscapers placing an inground pool at the bottom end of the slope. A beautiful paver patio could also be considered as part of this plan, to increase the functionality of your landscape.

You can correlate the patio pavers to the architectural style of your home by selecting a color and shape that echoes the beauty of your home's exterior. Consider adding a central design to the patio for added interest or a wide banding along the perimeter to bring definition.

When you have a retaining wall around the slope, this can add an elegant flair to your outdoor space. Overly wide and deep steps would draw you and your guests to the swimming pool sitting at the base of the slope. Carrying the curving retaining wall along the edge of the pool deck can create a unified space.

Pool and Dining Area

When your landscapers plan the inground pool within proximity of the house, this can make it so you can establish an outdoor dining space within your extended pool deck. A square inground pool, for example, can be complemented by an adjacent eating area that is close to the indoor kitchen for easily making a plate to carry to the pool.

Also keep in mind that your landscapers can design and build a gorgeous outdoor kitchen with all the amenities of the indoor kitchen so that you can keep everything you need outdoors for an impromptu barbeque, cold drinks, and refrigerated snacks.

An experienced landscape company can add in-pool lighting for night swimming and heaters for when the weather is still nice but the water feels too chilly. When you opt for a pergola for a shade over the dining area, this can be a nice place for guests who don’t want to swim but do want to enjoy a cold drink and watch the fun.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to always fully enjoy the dog days of summer in your backyard.


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