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Is It Too Late to Plan for an Inground Pool This Summer in Chappaqua and Rye, NY Areas?

Is It Too Late to Plan for an Inground Pool This Summer in Chappaqua and Rye, NY Areas?

As you anticipate the long, hot summer days, you might be wondering if it is too late to install an inground pool in your Chappaqua and Rye, NY backyard. After all, a custom-made inground pool can provide hours of fun.

Benefits of a Pool

An inground pool can transform your landscape and bring many benefits to your family.

  • Improved health: Studies show that regular swimming can reduce stress, improve sleep, and help with weight loss. You can feel better and feel healthier. Your overall better health could reduce the risk of injury, too.

  • More family time: When your kids would normally spend downtime in front of a screen, you can change that with family time in the pool. Breathing the fresh air, swimming together, and laughing can improve relationships and build amazing memories.

  • Entertaining: A swimming pool can let you invite friends and family over for outdoor fun and a barbeque. Your kids can invite their friends for an afternoon of swimming.

  • Water safety: When your kids know how to swim, your worries about them being by water in other scenarios will be decreased. Knowing how to swim can protect them when they are around water in other places and increase your peace of mind about those situations.

Inground Pool Ideas

A gorgeous inground pool can be situated in almost any landscape. Whether your backyard is small or spacious, your pool contractor can design and build the ideal size and shape for your specific space.

You can choose a traditional rectangle or square pool, or you might decide to have a custom shape that maximizes the available space. With a durable, non-slip pool deck of beautiful pavers that blend with your landscape, your inground pool can be a focal point of your outdoor living space.

Your pool contractors can assist you in selecting additional features to include in the pool design such as a low stone retaining wall to add more privacy and seating for larger groups. You won’t have to worry if there are terrain challenges as they can solve those issues to install the pool of your dreams. For instance, wide, deep stone steps can make a slope accessible for a pool down below while positioning an inground pool near the back deck can make grabbing drinks and snacks easy.

Pool Additions

While swimming is fun and great exercise, some of your guests might not want to swim. This is where having your pool contractor add a shade structure can let them enjoy the fun without suffering in the hot sun. You might choose a pergola with stone bases that match the retaining wall. Sturdy wood posts can hold the beams that form the top of the pergola.

A cabana can be ideal when you want full shade since this structure has a roof. Your pool contractor can customize a cabana with stone bases to anchor the posts. You can add sheer curtains that can be pulled back to let the breezes in and let down when the sun is too hot.

An inground pool can be a perfect addition to your outdoor space as you enjoy time at home with your family this summer.


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