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Choosing Durable, Attractive Masonry Materials for a Driveway in Briarcliff Manor and Scarsdale, NY

Choosing Durable, Attractive Masonry Materials for a Driveway in Briarcliff Manor and Scarsdale, NY

If the snow and ice have done a number on your Briarcliff Manor and Scarsdale, NY, landscape, it could be time to consider a more durable, attractive replacement for your driveway. Your driveway can have a big impact on the appearance of your front yard and overall landscape, and expert masonry can greatly elevate this outdoor space.

Start with the Driveway Entry

Implementing changes starting with the driveway entry can be best since that is usually the first area your guests will see. First, your landscape contractor can plan for a curved retaining wall that has pillars at the front. The sweeping design of the retaining wall can visually welcome your guests with a lovely curve. Atop the pillars, lanterns could provide welcoming illumination after dark.

Second, they could plan an attractive landscaped bed in front of the retaining wall to add color and texture to this crucial outdoor space. Ornamental trees can be ideal for this space since they add a vertical and textural element to the mostly horizontal landscape. Ornamental trees can bring flowers and green leaves without growing so large as to obscure the gorgeous wall design.

Driveway Surface

The surface of the driveway can be a crucial choice for longevity and durable beauty. Driveway pavers can be the optimal selection for a driveway surface that is designed to withstand the harsh winter weather and hot summer sun.

Your driveway takes on the risk of a lot of surface wear and tear as vehicles come and go daily. Quality driveway pavers, however, can withstand heavy automobiles without losing any of their beauty or durability: They are colorfast and versatile.

Your landscape professionals can help you choose the best driveway pavers to complement your home’s style and landscape appearance for a unified, eye-catching quality. These driveway pavers can be mixed and matched for a combination you won’t see anywhere else. Not only will your driveway be unique to your home, but it will retain its new beauty for years to come.

Retaining Wall

A low retaining wall of stacked wall stone can complement the driveway design. It could be positioned specifically to show off the interesting texture of the stacked stone. When the retaining wall is set back from the driveway by 2 or 3 feet, this can leave room for complementary shrubs and flowers for greenery and color.


When your landscape professionals continue the driveway pavers into the front walkway, this can present a visually unified front landscape. While you can choose the same pavers as the driveway, they could be purposefully positioned in a different laying pattern to designate a new space.

If you prefer, you can opt for a new paver style in similar tones for the walkway. Landscape contractors know how to merge the two spaces so that they blend together yet are distinctive.

Landscape Plants

Finish your new front yard landscape and driveway with custom landscape plantings. A landscape professional can design the perfect plantings to add living beauty to your hardscape surfaces. With flowers for color and healthy shrubs, your landscape can look enticing and fresh.

New masonry materials, expertly crafted, can transform your front landscape into something that makes you proud every time you arrive home.


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