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Improve Your Landscaping With These 3 Popular Ideas in Scarsdale and Chappaqua, NY

landscape design Chappaqua NY

You can improve your Scarsdale and Chappaqua, NY, landscape with these popular ideas that are trending for 2021. When you need a property refresh, look at this list of ideas for enticing landscaping features.

Sustainable Plants and Mulch

When you hear the term “sustainable,” don’t equate it with unattractive. In fact, because sustainable plants and flowers thrive in the terrain and climate of Scarsdale and Chappaqua, these plants will look amazing even on the hottest days of summer.

Sustainable plants are native to our region and produce vibrant green leaves, colorful flowers, and deeply hued berries. Because they do not need the careful care that non-native plants do, you can have them installed with full confidence that they will stay healthy and pretty without the need for extensive watering and disease care.

Another sustainable choice is to replace mulch with small, round river pebbles. These smooth pebbles do not decompose, and once they are situated in the landscape beds, they will stay there until they are removed. They hold moisture for your plants and are low maintenance. As a bonus, the river pebbles are a nice contrast to the green of the plants.

Less Grassy Space

Many homeowners are opting for less grassy space which means less mowing. Instead, they are choosing to have designated grassy spaces for certain functions like a play area for the kids or a spot to hold permanent lawn chairs.

When your grassy space is reduced, there is more opportunity to incorporate a stepping stone design or interesting geometric stone effects to bring attention to a feature like a fire pit. Yards can look more manicured and clean in less time, than with less grass while still incorporating some grass for that lush green look.

Fire Features

Fire features are growing in popularity. The ambient light, the warmth of the fire, and the enticing draw that only fire can bring—these are reasons why so many homeowners are embracing outdoor fire features.

Fire pits have the distinct advantage of being able to fit into most any landscape due to their flexibility in sizing. A fire pit can take up an unused corner of the backyard, or one can be installed on the patio to become a focal feature. Fire pits come in round, square, and rectangular shapes and can be customized with a choice of wall stone that complements your home and landscape look. Topped with a flat stone, your fire pit can make it easy to prop up your feet and relax in the warmth.

An outdoor fireplace can be the star of the landscape with its hefty size and significance. Placed at the edge of the patio, a fireplace can be contemporary with a streamlined design or rustic to go with your modern farmhouse. Your landscapers can add more patio space if you don’t currently have enough. They can closely match the patio pavers and join the new and old patio areas with a dividing band of pavers in a contrasting color, or you can choose something completely new for the patio surface.

Because fire pits and fireplaces can burn either wood or gas, you can choose the permanent fuel method that suits you—wood for that authentic fire feel and scent, or gas for easy use and no mess. Whatever you select, adding a fire feature can be a great landscape addition.


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