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How Can a Landscaping Company Help With a Backyard Pool Installation Near Me in Scarsdale, NY?

Backyard Pools, Pool Installation Near Me Scarsdale NY - How Can a Landscaping Company Help With a Backyard Pool Installation

If you are thinking of adding a backyard pool to your Scarsdale, NY landscape, you might be searching for a “pool installation near me” and wanting to know how a landscape company can make the pool installation process as smooth and stress-free as possible. No matter the pool type you want, your landscaping company has the design savvy and construction experience to bring your dream pool area to life.

The Main Benefits of an Inground Pool

Adding an inground backyard pool can improve your health with a convenient place to exercise. When you add heating to the pool, you can swim for potentially better heart health and aerobic capacity when the weather is chilly, too.

Another key benefit is having a place to teach your children to be comfortable in the water and fine-tune their swimming skills.

Swimming can also be a great way to rehab from knee surgery or other injuries that heal better when the weight is removed. It helps with mobility and movement of sore joints and achy backs.

Plus, an inground pool is simply fun! An inground pool will typically become the focus of entertainment in the warm, summer months when your family and friends come over to spend the day. You can host birthday parties, holidays, and other events there.

How a Landscaping Company Can Help

A landscaping company handles the design and installation of inground swimming pools in various terrains. The company can overcome slope obstacles and adjust the size and shape to your unique property.

  • Lounge pools: Along with your inground pool, consider adding a lounge pool. This can be one side of your swimming pool where the water is shallow and perfect for lounging there to get a suntan. The water keeps you cool so you can relax and chat with friends.

  • Roman and Grecian pools: When you want an inground pool that echoes your love of traditional landscape details, look to the Roman and Grecian pool designs. The long, straight edges of a Roman design are anchored on each side with arched, half-circles, while the long, straight sides of the Grecian are anchored by diagonal corners. These pool shapes are elegant and timeless, complementing any architecture and landscape aesthetic.

  • Rectangular: A rectangular pool is probably the most common pool shape. It can be narrow like a lap pool or wide for plenty of water fun and swimming space. The rectangular pool can have a deep end that dips down quickly, too.

Pool Deck Pavers

Once you have decided your pool shape, your landscape professionals can help you choose the ideal pool deck pavers to keep this space non-slip and easy care for many years. Pool deck pavers come in an array of color tones, textured surfaces, shapes, and sizes to let you customize your pool deck into a surface that reflects your personal taste and style.

The pool deck pavers can be mixed and matched to create a unique addition to your pool aesthetic. From several contrasting bands to encompass the perimeter of the pool deck to laying patterns that draw the eye, your pool contractor’s expertise can help you find what you want for your pool space.

Whether simply for fun or to help you get in better shape, an inground pool can add to the beauty and function of your backyard.


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