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Ensure the Health of Plantings for Bedford, NY Masonry Features with Proper Irrigation

Ensure the Health of Plantings for Bedford, NY Masonry Features with Proper Irrigation

Healthy, hydrated lawns, trees, and plantings are an essential part of the appealing aesthetic of a charming Bedford, NY landscape. To ensure ample water for every part of the outdoor space, having a customized irrigation system takes the guesswork out of maintaining a thriving landscape. Around the patio, by the pool, and along the driveway retaining wall, protect the plantings around your eye-catching masonry features with smart irrigation.

Ensure Vibrant Growth with Irrigation

Your plantings and shrubs add beauty and color to the landscape where they create a variety of different looks, from formal to informal, rustic to modern, and monochromatic to colorful. Around the patio and other masonry spaces that reflect your personal style and lifestyle, plants can create a beautiful and relaxing oasis for homeowners.

Along with sunshine, air, and nutrients, plantings need the right amount of water for shady and sunny areas so they can thrive and grow strong, providing year-round beauty throughout the landscape. This is where smart irrigation delivers water at the right time of day, in the proper amount, and to targeted areas for a vibrant landscape.

Choosing Smart Irrigation

As with many features, technology has elevated the sprinkler system into a marvelously intuitive system that tailors moisture delivery to the environmental conditions, rain levels, and sun/shade patterns. Protecting your trees, shrubs, and planting beds with water amounts that don’t drown them but ensure the moisture is ideal can bring peace of mind when you know your outdoor areas are cared for.

Water Conservation

Smart irrigation systems can help to conserve water by watering plants more efficiently than manual or traditional irrigation methods. This is because they can be programmed to water plants at specific times and for specific durations, which helps to prevent overwatering and runoff.


Smart irrigation systems can be programmed to water plants while you are away, which can save you time and effort. This is especially beneficial for homeowners who have busy schedules or who travel frequently but want to keep an eye on landscape health.

Smart irrigation systems can be accessed and controlled remotely using a smartphone or computer app, allowing you to monitor your irrigation system and make adjustments even when you are not home.

Precision Watering

Smart irrigation systems can be equipped with sensors that monitor soil moisture, temperature, and other environmental conditions. This information can then be used to adjust the watering schedule, ensuring that plants receive the exact amount of water they need, reducing over or underwatering plants due to rain or other conditions that reduce the need for irrigation.

Protection for Trees, Shrubs and Plantings

Healthy plants can make patios and other outdoor living areas more inviting and enjoyable by improving the aesthetics, fragrance, privacy, shade, noise reduction, wildlife habitat, air quality, stress reduction, and mood of these spaces. A major reason you love spending time on the patio or by the pool is the profusion of perennial blooms that grow more impressive each year and the majestic shade trees that offer a canopy of leafy beauty to the landscape.

When the summer sun gets hot, your colorful annuals can wilt and die without ample water but this is not a concern when smart irrigation delivers regular moisture so they grow and thrive for increased beauty and enjoyment.


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