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Give Your Landscaping a Springtime Refresh with 3 Simple Ideas in Chappaqua and Briarcliff Manor, NY

Give Your Landscaping a Springtime Refresh with 3 Simple Ideas in Chappaqua and Briarcliff Manor, NY

If your Chappaqua and Briarcliff Manor, NY, landscaping could use a springtime refresh, there are several ways to improve the appearance and function of your outdoor spaces. These simple ideas from a landscape company can be exactly the kind of upgrade you have in mind.

Fresh Landscape Design

Sometimes all your property needs is a new landscape design to bring the pizzazz back. Your landscape professionals can look at your plantings and grassy spaces to reconfigure the look into something you love.

Some homeowners are ready to reduce the amount of grass they have into a more manageable, manicured space, with masonry features that minimize the expanse of lawn that requires care. When landscapers start with eliminating a large expanse of grass and turning it into grassy vignettes, each area can serve a purpose.

Front Yard Updates

A creative approach to reduce grass could be a small, private patio in the front yard. If you have ever wished to have a little area where you could enjoy the front yard as much as the backyard, this can be the right idea for you.

As you walk from the garage or parking area to your front door, imagine if there was a quiet, little courtyard patio nestled into your front yard. You could choose for it to be open or have trellis walls on one or more sides to shield this space from the view of passersby. Large paver squares could designate this special spot within your landscape. Another idea for this area could be a water feature. The gentle sounds of spilling water can soothe your spirit and calm frazzled nerves. Think about how delightful it could be to have this one space encircled with climbing, flowering vines and comfortable outdoor furniture so that you can relax from the hustle and bustle of life.

You can also opt for refreshed landscape beds with a simpler, more straightforward design of sustainable shrubs and plants. In keeping with this idea, smooth river rock could be used instead of mulch in the landscape beds. This requires much less upkeep, plus the contrast of the river rock with the lush green grass can be quite eye-catching.

Side Yard Upgrades

If you love your front yard and backyard but the side yard leaves something to be desired, a landscape company can transform this into a favorite space with an outdoor bar. If you think about how often it would be to have an actual outdoor bar so that you don’t have to go indoors to fix a cocktail or grab a soda, this ho-hum space can become your go-to place.

With pavers arranged in a custom pattern for this patio area, wall stone could be carefully selected to create the ideal bar with a high top for your friends to sit and chat while you whip up drinks.

If you want, you may be able to have a roof over the entire space to protect from the elements. This can keep the hot sun from ruining your outdoor plans and give you a place to add some fun, whimsical lights for when the sun sets. With an outdoor TV and some neon signs, your side yard/pavilion will be the most fun place at your house.


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