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Here Are 5 Ways to Customize an Inground Pool in Armonk and Bedford, NY

Here Are 5 Ways to Customize an Inground Pool in Armonk and Bedford, NY

Customizing your Armonk and Bedford, NY, inground pool to your style preferences and the way your family will be using your pool will result in a water feature you will use and enjoy often. Here are some ways to make your inground pool a spot of relaxation and stress relief.

Wide, Stone Steps

When your landscapers add wide stone steps to the location of your inground pool, this can make using the restroom and grabbing snacks from the kitchen more comfortable. Another bonus to adding durable, gracious steps can be that they can make your pool space feel like a destination.

Adding a retaining wall to the patio that connects to the steps can increase the amount of seating for larger gatherings. Retaining walls can be composed of stone and topped with beautifully smooth coping where you can set out drinks and snacks for a lot of swimmers and guests.

Incorporate Water Features

Adding water features to your pool space can be another excellent way to upgrade this outdoor space. Some homeowners love the idea of adding an elaborate waterfall built of landscape boulders with a slide positioned in the middle that spills right into the pool.

Others love the more modern design of a trio of water spouts that spill into the pool from a low retaining wall on one side of the pool. Not only will this feature look gorgeous, but it brings the soothing sounds of spilling water to your landscape. Kids can have fun playing beneath the water falling, and the lovely sounds can make your landscape feel resort-like.

Add Some Shade

While having fun in the sun is a central part of summertime swimming, having some shade can be equally important. When your landscape design includes a convenient cabana for rest from the sun, you will not have a reason to leave your outdoor living space.

A cabana can have a gable roof that keeps the breezy feel but offers shade when you and your guests need to get out of the hot summer sun. You can add a small bathroom for changing into swimsuits and to keep guests from trekking to the house when they need to use the restroom.

If you choose, you can add a sink and refrigerator as part of an outdoor kitchen for keeping snacks and cold drinks nearby. With a picnic table and outdoor couches and chairs, this can become the perfect place to have a picnic lunch.

Consider a Pergola by the Pool

Something out of the ordinary can be to have your landscaper add a pergola by the shallow end of the pool where the little ones like to play. This can shield them from the hottest sun’s rays and give the adults some relief, too.

When your landscaper adds a waterfall along the outer edge that sits farthest in the pool, the kids can have hours of fun running through the spilling water.

Finish with a Game Court

When swimmers are tired and ready to take a break, having a bocce ball court or badminton in the sand near the swimming pool can let them play some games for a fun competition. Young and old alike can enjoy a bocce ball game and play badminton.

Your landscape professionals can customize an inground pool in pretty much any manner you prefer to make your pool space inviting and functional for hours of summertime enjoyment.

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