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Here Are Landscape Design Ideas That Will Set Your Home Apart in Scarsdale, NY

Here Are Landscape Design Ideas That Will Set Your Home Apart in Scarsdale, NY

The landscape design that surrounds your Scarsdale, NY, house shouldn’t be an afterthought, but instead a space that can stand on its own. Here are some design ideas for setting your property apart from the rest.

Plan Some Definition

Sometimes, you need to begin a landscape design by adding definition to your property, and that is where the perfectly designed retaining wall comes in. Crafted of natural stone or wall stone, a retaining wall can be adjusted to the height that looks best in your landscape.

Because it creates a definite line in the terrain, a retaining wall physically and visually separates the two spaces. The division of space can allow you to do two designs in the same space.

At the top of the retaining wall, your landscape professionals could recommend planting low-growing shrubs that bring tones of green to the landscape and are complemented by vines or ground cover that spills over the wall edge to soften the lines.

Below the wall, they might suggest allowing the grass to grow flush with the wall or utilize that space for spring-blooming bulbs. The retaining wall itself increases the textural interest of your landscape and adds visual weight depending on the size of the stone.

Add a Courtyard

The courtyard can be an ideal way to use that space on the side of your home where you have no clear function. When your landscape professionals recommend you begin with a privacy screen, this can be a great starting point.

You can choose to shield the view with a stone retaining wall that can have adjusted heights for different areas or you might prefer a wood trellis along two sides where you can let the holes fill in with climbing vines. The level of privacy you prefer can influence how closed your courtyard should be.

Within the courtyard can be an excellent space to add an outdoor fireplace that brings warmth and intimacy to your outdoor space. The outdoor fireplace stone can complement the pavers that form the floor surface, or you can choose a different, contrasting stone.

Outdoor fireplace sizes can be adjusted to the available space for proper proportions. With the fire feature as the central anchor, you can add comfortable outdoor furniture to relax and lounge to your heart’s content.

Create a Covered “Room”

A pavilion can be one of the most functional but definitive additions to your landscape design. Adding this outdoor feature can transform how you see and use your backyard.

When your landscape designer suggests attaching a roof over the back entrance from your home to create this covered “room,” you will soon be able to skip the weather report when you want to spend time outside. With a custom paver for the flooring of this room, you can also rest easy about the longevity of this space since quality pavers are manufactured to remain sturdy and lovely for years.

Adding an outdoor fireplace here can also offer warmth and comfort to this outdoor space. A wide and deep hearth can offer extra seating and hefty columns can separate this area from the rest of the backyard.

Easy in and out will give access to the inside of the house, but you might decide this pavilion is your favorite area and spend most of your time there.


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