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How Can an Inground Pool Fit Into My Landscape Design Plan in Scarsdale, NY?

How Can an Inground Pool Fit Into My Landscape Design Plan in Scarsdale, NY?

If you are thinking of adding an inground pool to your Scarsdale, NY, landscape but are unsure of its exact location, you could consider the following ideas for maximum flexibility. Here are some ways skilled landscape professionals can position an inground pool in your landscape design for summer swimming fun.

In Difficult Terrain

If your landscape has some difficult terrain like a steep slope, how can landscape professionals work around that to add an inground pool to your backyard? They have the knowledge and experience to work around many situations that you may think are impossible.

For a sloped landscape, for example, a retaining wall may be a possible solution for keeping soil in place and opening up more possibilities for usable space that could be appropriate for your inground pool. Another possibility for an inground pool idea can be to choose an infinity pool that spills over the edge and falls into the trough below in the low side of the slope.

With an Outdoor Kitchen

The swimming pool and outdoor kitchen can be paired together in a way that each is accessible but still a distinct outdoor living space. You can choose which landscape feature you want to have closest to the backdoor, but many homeowners find that locating the outdoor kitchen closest to the house makes preparing food more convenient.

As you step out of the rear door of your home and into the outdoor kitchen, keeping your cooking space well-stocked becomes easy. Having the outdoor kitchen near your home also makes grabbing some extra ice from the ice machine or cooking the pizza in the pizza oven more efficient.

When your landscapers design the inground pool to sit just past the outdoor kitchen, swimmers can grab drinks on a hot day and enjoy snacks that you keep just for them in the kitchen area. If your landscapers plan a deep pool deck of durable, gorgeous pool deck pavers, you can have tables with chairs there for a swim break or an outdoor meal.

With a Fire Feature

Pairing an inground swimming pool with a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can give those who don’t want to swim a spot to relax and enjoy the fun. In a landscape design that pairs a fire pit at one end of the outdoor space and the swimming pool at the other, the non-swimmers can watch the splashing pool fun while staying comfortable by the fire.

Another exceptional way to incorporate both outdoor features can be to have your landscapers elevate the fire pit or fireplace on a raised paver patio to distinguish the fire space from the swimming pool area. When they plan a raised fire feature, relaxing by the fire can be enhanced by the soothing sounds of the pool water spouts that spill into the main pool.

In this way, you can have two features in one—a water feature and a fire feature to reap the benefits of both.

Your talented landscape team can assess your outdoor space to design the ideal inground pool placement where you can make memories with those you love.


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