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How to Find a Landscape Design Company Near Rye, NY, That Specializes in Backyard Pools

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When you make the big decision to invest in a backyard pool for your Rye, NY, landscape, you will need a landscape company that is well-versed in landscape design and pool planning. Use these guidelines to find a landscape design company near Rye that can design and build your dream pool space.

Pool Design Experience

Your backyard pool will become the star of the show, but it will need to fit seamlessly with the rest of the landscape design. This can include other outdoor living spaces that enhance your pool area to create additional functional spots.

An experienced landscape design company that specializes in pools can see past the pool itself to the overall whole. Because your pool will not be the only outdoor feature in your backyard, the style, shape, and appearance of the pool should fit well with your home’s architecture and materials.

A landscape design company can have the knowledge and expertise to create your pool vision as well as the ability to design and build the rest of the outdoor space.

Backyard Pools

A skilled landscape design company understands that planning and building a pool requires extensive excavation. They must be cautious about disrupting other parts of the landscape while executing your pool dream.

They know you will want to see a carefully thought-out pool and outdoor living space design before saying yes to any construction. They also know that a guarantee which comes with every landscape service will speak volumes to potential customers. Look for a landscape design company that stands behind their work.

State of the Art Stonework

The stonework in a pool design can add to or detract from the pool space. A landscape design company should have a knowledgeable staff that can help you with selecting the ideal pool deck surface for a long-wearing, non-slip deck.

In addition, you will want a pool deck design that is pleasing to the eye and adds more beauty to your pool space. They can accomplish this by incorporating contrasting pool deck pavers in a different color or texture. With decorative banding and a design for the pool deck center, this surface can act as an attractive feature.

Privacy Retaining Wall

Retaining walls can add seating for tired swimmers and more privacy to your outdoor pool area. A landscape professional can show you how much a retaining wall can increase the functional space of your pool and assist you in choosing the perfect wall stone to complement the pool deck pavers.

Because a retaining wall has a flat surface on top, you can have granite or another durable stone there. This space can be ideal for setting out drinks and snacks for your guests.

Cabana for Shade

Creating a space for shade can give you some relief from the hot summer sun. Making a space that is relaxing and shady can add comfort to your pool area since you could have some guests who want to enjoy the pool but don’t want to swim.

With the same pavers as the pool deck, all your outdoor spaces can feel unified and inviting. A roof with ceiling fans can keep them cool while they watch the pool fun.

With expert direction from a landscape design company, you can have the pool you have always wanted.


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