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Ideas for Creating a Family-Friendly Landscape Design in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

Ideas for Creating a Family-Friendly Landscape Design in the Briarcliff Manor, NY, Area

Whether you are building a Briarcliff Manor, NY, area new home or live in an existing one, having a family-friendly outdoor space can bring your family members together for fun and laughter. Here are some landscape design ideas for creating the type of outdoor living area that help you make amazing memories.

Custom-Designed Pool Spaces

No matter the available area you might have for a custom-designed swimming pool, talented landscape professionals can help you find the ideal shape and size for your particular outdoor space. Adding a pool to your backyard can let you and your family enjoy many hours of swimming fun with friends.

A custom pool area can be as large as you wish for the space you have. If you want to walk out of the backyard directly into the pool space, there can be thought put into creating a seamless transition. If you would rather have an expansive patio as you step out of the backyard with a paver walkway that leads to a separate pool area, they can design and build that vision, too.

Your landscape professionals can often recommend a pool shape that works well with the architecture and geometric shapes that form the design of your home. Merging similar styles can produce an amazing final product that looks as if it has been there all along.

Perhaps you want to incorporate a water feature along one side of the pool to bring more fun to the pool area. Choosing a long waterfall to span the side of the pool in a low retaining wall can create the feeling of being in a wooded waterfall space. The spilling water can also make your pool area feel so relaxing when no one is swimming and you are outside for some sun and snoozing.

Pool Cabana for Shade

Adding a pool cabana for shade can be a boon on the hot summer days when you need to get out of the direct sun. Placing a shade structure nearby the pool can offer some rest time for the swimmers and provide a space for older family members to join in the delight when they don’t want to swim.

When your landscape contractor adds a bathroom and small outdoor kitchen to the cabana design, your guests can have somewhere to change into a swimsuit and use the restroom conveniently. There can be cold drinks and water for thirsty swimmers and snacks to nourish them before they head back to swim.

Fire Features

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace can bring the unmatched ambiance of fire to your backyard and pool areas. Imagine how delightful it would be to light the fire after a great day of water fun and roast marshmallows to eat or for s’mores.

Prop your feet up or sit by the fire, either way you can elevate this family space to another level with a fire feature.

If you decide to add a roof over the fire pit or fireplace, the weather will not be able to ruin your plans. In fact, sitting by the fire while the steady rain falls might become the best part of the backyard landscape design.

When landscape professionals undertake your vision for a backyard where your family can spend time together, you can be assured it will be the go-to for holidays, birthdays, and every other occasion.


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