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Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience With These Masonry Options in the Armonk, NY, Area

Improve Your Outdoor Living Experience With These Masonry Options in the Armonk, NY, Area

Expert masonry features can completely change your Armonk, NY, area landscape. Here are some key ways to incorporate masonry options that would improve the beauty and functionality of your outdoor spaces.

A Fresh Patio Design

Whether your existing patio is original to your house or you are planning a new construction, giving some thought to your outdoor living spaces can pay off in terms of quality time outside. A fresh patio design with a custom surface can set the stage for many enjoyable moments while relaxing in a gorgeous outdoor living area.

Landscape professionals can help you think through how you wish to use this new patio area. Will you plan to use it daily for working outside or finishing the day there? Do you love to entertain and will want plenty of intimate garniture groupings for your guests to sit and enjoy food and drinks?

Consider those questions as well as these choices:

  • Pavers for the patio: Ideally, the surface of your patio reflects the architectural style of your home to create an outdoor space that blends well with the rest of the aesthetics. With so many paver selections for a patio, your landscape contractor’s expertise can direct you to the combination that will serve you well for many years and remain lovely to view.

  • Sloping challenges: If your backyard has a slope, don’t fret that you won’t be able to have an attractive new patio area since a skilled landscape team has several solutions for that slanting terrain. They can design and build a multi-level patio that is connected by stone steps or they can elevate the entire space for a single level patio.

  • Convenient additions: Consider adding an outdoor bar to your patio design. This can let you make drinks and serve your friends without having to go in and out of the house. The right bar design can lend more seating space for your new patio.

An Outdoor Fireplace

When you pair your new patio with an outdoor fireplace, this can be an unbeatable combination. A fireplace can automatically elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space, providing a matchless focal point that guests are drawn to enjoy.

As you discuss your vision with a landscape professional, they can recommend a wall stone that will stand out and add visual details to your outdoor landscape design. During the design phase, they can adjust the size and shape of the outdoor fireplace to accommodate space on each side for additional dry firewood. You could potentially include unique details like a metal chimney, a deep hearth for sitting right by the fire, and decorative stone for a personal look.

A Stone-Like Retaining Wall

Including a retaining wall that looks as though it were made of natural stone by your new patio can increase the privacy and cozy feeling you want in this kind of outdoor living space. You can choose to use the same wall stone as the outdoor fireplace for a dazzling finish.

The wall’s coping can increase your seating options for larger groups and offer a casual space for setting up drinks and appetizers for a baby shower or to watch the big game outside.


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